MYM Drops Their WC3 and SC Teams

Since 2001 the world famous MYM teams have been around within all kind of games, but especially the Warcraft 3 and Starcraft:Broodwar sections have harvested most of the attention. They have been feared, loved, hated and have had many followers and fans, in both good and bad times. Today the era ends for these teams in MYM and boots are left on the Warcraft and Starcraft battlefield that will be hard to fill.

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Grandreaper99993580d ago

I'll say a prayer for 'em..

JUST a few minutes ago I finished a good Broodwars match. Must be making room for Sc2 teams? lol. Hopefully. SC is probably the best RTS I'VE ever played--- I find it hard to understand why they'd axe them so far from sc2's launch though.

LeGenDx3580d ago

i was reading this the other day on their web

Ninja-Sama3580d ago

Moon and Grubby in 2s action was amazing to watch. Is this the beginning of the end for the W3 scene? Oh well, it was an awesome ride.