Rumour: Battlefield Heroes is coming to the PlayStation 3 writes: 'Today we've had contact with an employe at Sony. He told us that Sony already has a deal with EA DICE to get Battlefield Heroes on the PlayStation 3 system.'

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Crueltylizer3521d ago

That would be really cool. Even though its build on the first Battlefield engine it could still prove to be really fun.

Bnet3433521d ago

This better be free. It makes no sense for it to be free on PC and cost money on PSN.

sonarus3521d ago

It can't be free. Wishing for free game on PSN is a bit of a pipe dream.

gambare3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

nah.. it's a pipe dream to say "free" on XBL, but "free" on the PSN its pretty much possible

OgTheClever3521d ago

The free MMO, Free Realms, is coming to PS3 via PSN so I would consider the possibility of BH appearing in the same way more than just a "pipe dream".

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thereapersson3521d ago

It would be a nice addition to the growing PSN library, that's for sure.

Jamegohanssj53521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

DICE are pretty good. Bad Company is better than CoD4 IMO.


Harry1903521d ago

I prefer Bad Company to COD4. However, the campaign in COD4 is better than in BC. BC has better multiplayer modes.

madpuppy3521d ago

but, they are equally as good as each other in execution. I prefer BC only because it reminds me of those '70's buddy war movies like Kelly's hero's and more recently Three Kings. COD4 on the other hand is really just a very well made war FPS. what can I say? I'm a movie guy.

zonetrooper53521d ago

Isn't Battlefield Heroes a browser based game?

Seeing as the PS3 has a browser then I'm guessing Sony has paid/made a deal with EA and Dice to make the game compatible with the PS3's browser.

Mindboggle3521d ago

No battlefeild heroes is a downloadable game, and its free, so i hope the Ps3 version would be free too. (Doubt it though)

vhero3521d ago

probably will be free and the only reason its probably not coming to 360 is because its free. As heaven forbid MS users get a game for free...

Kain813521d ago

cause of the restrictions xbl has.

Crueltylizer3521d ago

PS3 owners will properly pay a small fee for downloading the game. I don't think it will be anything big. I wouldn't mind paying a small amount to play it on my PS3.

Kain813521d ago

will be microtransactions that will cost something, but its your choice to buy clothes or weapons for your chara.

TheIneffableBob3521d ago

Battlefield: Heroes is run as a 3D application inside your web browser.

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The story is too old to be commented.