TouchArcade Review: Gemmed

TouchArcade writes:

"'Gemmed!' Revives My Faith in Match-3

I'm not sure what possessed Wasted Pixel to work on and release a Match-3 game into the App Store… because if they'd have asked me before hand, I would have told them to forget about it.

Well, it's good they didn't ask me, because Gemmed! [App Store] is a very fun and refreshing take on genre, and here's the reason why: The goal of the game is not to match-3.

The goal of this game is to get each colored monster on the board to their respective exits. Monsters act in one predictable behavior: they will eat adjacent gems of their own color, and by doing so, they move one step closer to their exit. Your job is to manipulate the gems around each monster in order to lead them to their exit. You accomplish this, of course, through Match-3."

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