Killzone 2 is the #1 bestselling game on Amazon writes: 'Earlier today you could read that Killzone 2 was selling many more copies after the good results of the Reviews. 24h later Killzone 2 sells even more!'

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Crueltylizer3604d ago

No matter how people look at the game no one can deny its success.

BrotherNick3604d ago Show
aspergersyndrome3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

I can, as Amazon sales alone mean nothing. They are just one of many retailers around the world.

Also do you remember 2008?

I remember morganfell posting dozens of times how, PS3 this and Blu-ray that were no1 on Amazon. He did so to show how the 360 was getting hammered from ocean to ocean, continent to continent.

And do you know what happened? Nothing!!! The Ps3 is still in 3rd place and software sales can't even compare to that of the 360.

Killzone 2 will be no different! It looks good, nothing more.

xwabbit3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

and 2 aspergersyndrome
Its ok, i know this hurts you :( but its going to be ok! Bill will hold ur hand

ultimolu3604d ago

Lol, what is wrong with you two up there?

While Amazon doesn't give a good indication of how much the game is selling, it's still pretty awesome it's at number #1.

Lighten up.

Elvfam5113604d ago

Is that you fantasy? dude relax sh!t

BrotherNick3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Yeah, this may be the biggest seller since MGS4, Whoo! OWNAGE! Shh, I be trollin, I'm hatin.

TheTwelve3604d ago

Wow...PS3 haters are starting to come undone as you can see above.


meluvulongtime3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

This made me preorder on Amazon. No matter what a game of this caliber deserves great sales.


3604d ago
eagle213604d ago

Sony is doing the damn thing. FFXIII is next! :)

KZ2 also #1 at gamestop and play.

TheTwelve3604d ago

BrotherNick is committing bubble-suicide! LOL


ultimolu3604d ago

...Are you okay there? I hope someone didn't hack into your account because you're beginning to malfunction.

Please tell me you're being sarcastic or at least joking.

I hope we don't need those big strong guys in white outfits to drag you away.

UnwanteDreamz3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Your funny man, just cant help yourself can you? Whats the matter did your copy of Wii Sports get stolen. Why don't you let fans of this title be and go play Wii music lol.

IC why you are mad, it beat out your favorite game for the top spot.

3604d ago
thereapersson3604d ago

Sad to see you wasting so many of your bubbles on trolling nonsense.

You've been reported as SPAM; Go play in the open zone.

TheTwelve3604d ago

BrotherNick, now you're just plain old corny.


3604d ago
UnwanteDreamz3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

LOL it took 4 years to make alright but why you got a problem with that didnt you say this

"Zelda would be nice, since the last zelda could be considered a gamecube game. I like 3 years in between zelda/metroid/mario releases."

TheTwelve3604d ago

Wow, that was quick. Good job mods.


BrotherNick3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Unwanted Dreams...I'm not actually serious. Just so you know, the internet is serious business.


TheTwelve3604d ago

BrotherNick, I never saw somebody get 3 disagrees a second after posting. I do believe that that's a record. Here, let me attach this loser-pin on your chest.


BrotherNick3604d ago

You guys can imagine in your own little n4g world you're all winners. Denial is crazy here, so I thought I'd play with it a little.


3604d ago
TheTwelve3604d ago

The good thing about N4G is that eventually, people like crazy man above here eventually do run out of bubbles with which to waste our time.

Killzone 2 will be a good game. Luckily we live in a world where, if you want, you can simply buy it. If you don't buy it, don't h8 on those who will. Have a nice day.


thereapersson3604d ago

Hahaha man, have a bubble.

Crueltylizer3604d ago

I still believe that even if your not going to play the game for different reasons a #1 place is still a success no matter what. And this is only this will most probably happen at more stores.

I'm just happy for Guerilla that a game that they've worked so hard on and been so dedicated to is giving them something back.

And we players should just be grateful that developers are still capable of using a lot of time on titles and giving us a great experience.

ChickeyCantor3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

hahah, brother nick doesn't hate the game at all.
He is just showing how sensitive you guys are...
Makes you think though...What would happen IF killzone won't sell as much people claim it will sell.

You people won't cry right?

Anyway looks to be an awesome game, just hope Sony does their promotion right. And actually in a way the masses will get a PS3 for it.

" And we players should just be grateful that developers are still capable of using a lot of time on titles and giving us a great experience.
you do realise Sony is basically financing them? right?
On my internship i work with this guy who used to be the art-director at GS. And no im not making things up. He told me about it.

So GS " using a lot of time " only because they are working exclusive for Sony(hello killzone 2). Because sony makes it possible.

Also migh I add that the guy also said that GS was basically holding back a year because they couldn't make decisions on what they wanted to do.

But still hope it sells well, would be a shame if it didn't.

INehalemEXI3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Im tempted to cancel my ebgames pre order after getting demo and head on over to amazon for the home helghast gear and its cheaper there too.

Since it's cheaper at Amazon I can moraly get away with it right?

Another thing. I think this is a big thing to be beating out the multi plat SFIV both very highly anticipated.

redsquad3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Brothernick, I guess your comments are driven by either jealousy or some inexplcable, deep rooted fear of KZ2. Otherwise, you have no reason for posting here.
Good to hear the game hit the #1 spot - Game 'X' may not sell as much as game 'Y', but it can still be considered a success. Well done Guerilla.

Danja3604d ago

ne ways this is good news for the game means alot of ppl are getting interested in it and hype is building....

I really hope everyone who says they are gonna buy it do so ,GG has really done this game justice...

cLiCK_sLiCK93604d ago

ah fk. I hate when you guys report ppl. Now I cant read what BrotherNick wrote and get a good laugh out of his stupidity..

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ultimolu3604d ago

Lol, I could have told you that.

It dethroned Wii Fit. o_o

shelbygt333603d ago

See the problem with these articles is that Amazon's selling charts are updated hourly.

Right now Wii Fit is #1.

In a couple hours who knows what will happen?

Huh3604d ago

wow this is fantastic

Pennywise3604d ago

To knock Wiifit out of #1 is a big deal.

UltraNova3603d ago

I'm ashamed to say this but here we go...

I never ever thought there would be a game on the ps3 or the 360 that could knock wii fit of the top selling spot...Common the thing sells like McDonald's Cheeseburgers!

Well done!

kazuma3604d ago

all aboard the killzone express! choo-choo!

ultimolu3604d ago

All aboooard the Helghast train! :D