First MotoGP '07 Pics

THQ released first pics from MotoGP '07.

The MotoGP series is the definitive motorcycle racing game for the Xbox 360. The game accurately captures the excitement of Grand Prix motorcycle racing. MotoGP '07 takes the franchise to the extreme, expanding beyond the realms of Grand Prix racing to incorporate high adrenaline Street Racing. Players can hone their skills on the streets or progress through the Grand Prix championship.

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Antan4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

very nice, though not sure of that rather glossy tarmac shot!!!

FirstknighT4016d ago

That first shot was AMAZING! They need to work on that shiny wet floor. Looks fake.

0LDSCH00L4016d ago

I liked Moto GP for the 360, but didnt care much for the extreme mode I would rather have seen a 250cc 1000cc GP added instead, good thing there is two different games coming out this time to choose from!

bumnut4016d ago

moto gp 06 was a fun game, but it was exactly the same as moto gp 3 on original xbox, which was the same as moto gp 2, and so on.

the street racing mode is not new it has been in the last 2 moto gp games. i hate the way you buy new parts like nitrous but you cant actually use it.

the shiny tarmac looks poor, it looks similar to the awful wet track in moto gp 06.

i will not be buying this game if it offers nothing new, which is very likely.

its a shame because moto gp games are fun especially online.

THAMMER14016d ago

I want road rash 2007. WTF this game is the same every year.