10 cheap and easy upgrades for your old PC

Is your old PC starting to feel a little sluggish? Upgrading a desktop computer really isn't as difficult as it sounds.

The components are modular, the slots uniform and systems are expressly designed for expansion.

In most circumstances, you won't even need a screwdriver as most modern cases are held on with dinky little catches.

Here are 10 upgrades that even your granny could do.

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Crueltylizer3580d ago

Very basic article, but can give some insights to people, who aren't as geeky as some of us :)

Mutley4163580d ago

just goto and spend 800-900$ wont regret it...ships in like 24 hours, superfast-

put the old pc in the back bedroom...

Boty3580d ago

Article states the obvious but good for people who really don't know much about computers, like Crueltylizer said.