100,000 Views on Resident Evil 5 site to unlock new content

There is a countdown on Capcoms Resident Evil 5 page. When the page reaches 100,000 views new Resident Evil 5 information will be unlocked to everyone. This was hinted at in the recent Resident Evil 5 demo "Inside Xbox" episode. The unlocked items appear to be new screens, information, videos and interviews.

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Arsenic133576d ago

Maybe will get a new trailer or something. If DLC is announced then that should be cool. Imagine a older game remade as DLC. Sick....

Harryhit43576d ago

I can't imagine Capcom doing that (or anyone else for that matter, except maybe Criterion)

_Q_3576d ago

pretty cool stipulation. I like unique deals like that.

LinuxGuru3576d ago

Wow..."come look here lots to see new stuff"


xwabbit3576d ago

wont be clicking it just 4 that.. they should give it 2 us without they getting hits -.-

Pebz3576d ago

Primitive perhaps, but clever.

Judging from people's reception of the demo, they will need to work hard to sell this game well. Fancy flash and touched up videos/screenshots will probably help though, seeing as how everyone is obsessed with graphics nowadays.

doctorstrange3576d ago

to much flash based gimmicks

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