GTA 4: Making full use of 512 MiByte graphics cards


"Grand Theft Auto 4 can be upgraded visually with some commands - provided that you can deal with even lower framerates. In the video options the game reveals its immense hunger for video memory and that the maximal available details depend on the amount of VRAM. If you make use of the commands "norestrictions" and "nomemrestrict" you can indeed max out all options, but you will have to face quality loss because the game doesn't swap files into the system memory on its own. We explain how you can get the maximal visual quality out of your 512 MiByte card."

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UnwanteDreamz3580d ago

Looks great, too bad the graphics cards can't improve the boring gameplay.

LorD3580d ago

I'm on my second play through, and its even better the second time around.

xg-ei8ht3580d ago

Other then the bugs, still looks crap.