Could you have earned these GoldenEye XBLA achievements?


"I have been privy to some rather interesting game-related things this morning, not least this particular little gem. Passed on by a personally trusted source who I shall refer to only as Mr. Chips, here is a list of what may or may not be achievements for GoldenEye 007 on Xbox Live Arcade.

Bear in mind that this is no proof the game is still in the works. In fact, Rare's official line is that, whether the game was in development or not, it currently is doing absolutely nothing with the IP. Also, while Mr. Chips has shown me plenty of photographs and diagrams of these achievements, there is no official way of confirming that they are definitely related to GoldenEye."

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outlawlife3609d ago

by all accounts the game is complete or at least close to it just nintendo won't allow it so its sitting and rotting until the day nintendo gives in(see when hell freezes over)