Iwata: Third Parties Are Successful on Nintendo Platforms

The problem with the Wii (and Nintendo platforms in general) has always been that Nintendo dominates the system with its own software, leaving a much smaller piece of the market to be divided up amongst third party publishers. That said, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in his recent financial presentation that third parties have and will continue to be successful on the Wii and DS.

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ape0073579d ago


from a legend to crap

GWAVE3579d ago

Hey now. Give the man some respect.

Although, I disagree with what he says. No More Heroes, Zack and Wiki, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Boom Blox...those games were actually GOOD (seriously), yet they were ignored.

Mahr3579d ago

"No More Heroes, Zack and Wiki, Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Boom Blox...those games were actually GOOD (seriously)"

And of those four, we know that two did well enough to warrant the sequels that are currently in development, proving that some games make money and some games don't. Nintendo platforms are not alone in this respect.

ChickeyCantor3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

A legend?
Iwata joined Nintendo 2000? or something.

Meh the only reason you call him crap is simply because they are doing more than MS and Sony are right now.

Genesis53579d ago

Unless the Wii goes HD. I can't ever see myself getting one.

AWBrawler3579d ago

Sorry but you're way the heck off subject, we're gonna have to take you to the station. no not the playstation. (idiot) Get the car!
HD wii, thats not even what this is about. Graphics whores and their Trolling. 3rd parties are doing very well, or else we wouldn't be seeing sequels, or hearing rumors about Kingdom Hearts 3 being for Wii.

Professor PGX3579d ago

Kingdom hearts was PS2 exclusive, and A money hungry developer like Square enix isn't exactly smart to jump ship to a console where they feel they'll make less money. But I don't care much for KH, Brawler you can have that. I want FF:Crystal Bearers, and FF13

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outlawlife3579d ago

successful on what scale?

the wii is flooded with crap games, not really any fault of nintendo either

3rd party developers are just trying to get a quick cash in on wii and its catching up to them because nobody is buying these titles run out there in a couple months

some people, like rainbow studios, have intriguing titles coming out on wii that will hopefully change this

lokiroo4203579d ago

Yeah successful means they made money, yet how many third party games are worth that money? A majority of wii owners have bought multiple games that they wish they hadnt.

meepmoopmeep3579d ago

it's odd that i'm not really interested in 99% of the games on Wii

Bubble Buddy3579d ago

Me = 99.9%. Just don't like the games on it that much.

Product3579d ago

well if you look at the ds which was what molded the wii youll see that the ds' library of games were poor to say the least the first 2 years from third though the ds boasts what i think is the best game library right now it has core,casual and everything inbetween when it comes to games so i think the wii this year especially will see third party growth and not just in the casual sector but core aswell.

You have to think alot of publishers thought the wii was gonna be another gamecube in that that was what was prolly gonna be the projected sales figures.Devs and publishers got the the wii late and you can tell that its starting to catch up this year when it comes to games.Like them or not if you look at core or just nicely designed games for the wii this year there are more then the other years combined when talking about third party.

What year was the game list so great on the wii and not included party games till this year?
Alot of games are comign and like them or not atleast they are coming because id rather have a Demon Blade then another Petz which is the case this year as an example.

ChickeyCantor3579d ago

It's actually easy if you think about it.
The only reason PS2 got so far was due the fact developers saw that lots of people were getting a PS2. So the library started to grow.
Even the Ps2 had "petzzzzzzzzz" in some way.

It's not even the hardware or whatever, if there is an audience, thats where developers will go.
I mean else xbox would have been the console with the biggest library.

TheMART3579d ago

You meant to say only first party games are succesfull on the Wii, right?

ChickeyCantor3579d ago

Yeah, thats why some games are getting sequels to fail "again", right?.

I like your logic, it reminds me of stupidity.

AWBrawler3579d ago

why I think his logic and stupidity are one in the same. (Holds hand up for old school 80's style high five waiting for Sidar to respond)

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