Reviews- A Journey Of Hype And Hallucinations

Reviews are supposed to be provided by the best in the industry, but with an exceptional amount of hype running through almost every game the question of judging reviews becomes an arduous task, as exclusive world reviews are given prime importance their validity translates into a running line in fiction. The argument in the article is not being directed to a specific game or console but analyzes the amount of money that is spent on paying reviewers to induce a mass of people into a perpetual state of trance.

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Nice3605d ago

I think its best to follow a few ones and then try the game out for your own self...

GWAVE3605d ago

I find it odd how video game journalists are getting all introspective and philosophical now about reviews. Nowadays we have to be afraid of hype as if it's some terrible monster that will brainwash our minds and FORCE reviewers to dole out a high score.

Yet, where was all of this concern when reviewers were passing out 10/10 scores like candy to Halo 3 and GTA4?

The author is right though: the high scores for Gears 2 in spite of the numerous glitches in both single-player and multiplayer did seem a bit silly after everyone actually sat down and saw the game for what it is.

281219863605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

the reviews I used to trust not anymore...heard PLay is good as well...

281219863605d ago

The Prey fiasco when Doug Perry was the editor was big enough for me..still love Gettersman's review, they are unpredictable and pop out of the blue...GT, Gamespot and the rest of the bunch are all paid sites so they have revenues in line and hence their reviews somewhat cannot be trusted...

100003605d ago

say reviews are pretty subjective...I read horrible reviews of Too Human and rented the game found it pretty entertaining not one bit like what the reviews professed of it being too unplayable was attached in my play experience...

822119863605d ago

is my question, since reviews are ultimately generalizations they tend to be obscured by the reviewer and all the interactions he goes with it...

Nice3605d ago

have you ever heard of differences between a fairly large website and a small tiny one who might give correct info about the game but people might just not listen in cause they might feel the small fish is actually faking it...

822119863605d ago

times are changing there are far too many opinions floating around...

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