Square Enix Recommends This Kind Of PC For The Last Remnant

Before the Last Remnant comes out on the PlayStation 3 it's hitting PCs. The Games for Windows release comes out in Japan on April 9 and Square Enix suggests purchasers have a PC at least equipped with a 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2 processor, 2GB of RAM, and an Xbox 360 controller. Not too high specifications for a PC game these days, but if you want to make sure your PC works try out the Last Remnant Benchmark test. Oh, and be sure to have an Internet connection (if you're reading this you should have one). The Last Remnant requires a network connection when installing the game.

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SaiyanFury3581d ago

I agree for the most part, dude. But I do like to game on my PC for some things. Big surprise, S-E recommends the Xbox 360 controller for Windows to play this game. I'll stick to my Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2.

Tony P3581d ago

Link takes me to a different story altogether: "Tactics Ogre Clings To The Virtual Console"

Tony P3581d ago

Thanks. Boy do those enhancements sound tantalizing.

The upgrades almost make me think this could be a better version of the game possibly. :O

MegaMohsi3581d ago

It's obvious it was coded primarily for the 360/PC first, that's why it's out on both platforms first. Throw in the "excellent" UE3 to the mix and you have a disaster in the making for PS3.

TheColbertinator3581d ago

The framerate will be horrendous.I'm expecting 4's and even a 3 because of a sloppy port

jackdoe3581d ago

Not to mention the fact that FFXIII IS hitting the PS3 this year in Japan which means that this game will be completely forgotten when it releases on the PS3 this year as well. So Square probably doesn't give a rat's ass about it any more.

baraka0073581d ago

I'll wait for a review before I buy it... I just don't trust Square anymore

FinalomegaS3581d ago

Had this for a while, it's not really anything special. The hero ( young guy in his Teens) looks like the average SE hero type. But he doesn't suffer from that SE FF thing where the hero looks like a girl but is a guy or vise versa =/

PC specs.. I more than qualify for that.

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