Protect your Wi-Fi signal with paint

Fed up with the neighbours nicking your bandwidth? Passwords just not working in the fight to protect your Wi-Fi? Then it might be time to bring in the big guns and paint your house with some Wi-Fi blocking paint.

Researchers in Japan have come up with the hi-tech paint solution, which reportedly shields your Wi-Fi signal from piggy-backers on the outside, creating a protective broadband cocoon in your home.

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villevalorox3605d ago

thats really cool. sucks if you want to take your laptod out on your deck though.., lol

Skerj3605d ago

Why not be SMART and put a damn WPA key on instead of leaving it open?

Kyur4ThePain3605d ago

...and not broadcasting your network ID.

UnwanteDreamz3605d ago

I was going to say the same thing. If you can't lock it up chances are you are not going to be buying high tech paint anytime soon.

C_SoL3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

People use tools like this....

Like I'm about to use. Downloading right now. As of know I have a very low signal and I'm using some other person's internet.

Internet should be free. Google thinks the same.


I don't even know how to use it. It's too complicated. I already deleted it.

So u can nerd on about what you want. I was just seeing if it would work.

I was just pointing out there's ways to break in to other peoples connection and that internet should be free.

That's it.

SW3605d ago

And to make triple sure limit access by MAC addresses

Lumbo3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

C_Sol: your nifty tool does NOTHING against reasonable WPA keys, and it does even less without an active Wireless adapter (normal usb WiFi plugs don't work).

One simply uses a WPA key like "dfjs!FTJESw34r83q§3 RA$FJ3A&Uqf" and your tools are worthless. Thats because they rely on dictionary attacks for WPAx, a tech that is worthless against random char passwords.

To quote the very page your tool is coming from:

"Actually, TKIP (WPA1) is not vulnerable: for each packet, the 48-bit IV is mixed with the 128-bit pairwise temporal key to create a 104-bit RC4 key, so there's no statistical correlation at all. Furthermore, WPA provides counter-measures against active attacks (traffic reinjection), includes a stronger message integrity code (michael), and has a very robust authentication protocol (the 4-way handshake). The only vulnerability so far is a dictionnary attack, which fails if the passphrase is robust enough.

WPA2 (aka 802.11i) is exactly the same as WPA1, except that CCMP (AES in counter mode) is used instead of RC4 and HMAC-SHA1 is used instead of HMAC-MD5 for the EAPOL MIC. Bottom line, WPA2 is a bit better than WPA1, but neither are going to be cracked in the near future. "


Highatus3605d ago

Exactly Kyur4ThePain.

It's relatively simple to create your own private signal and encrypt it.

phosphor1123605d ago

If you can't even get a non-crackable WPA, then you fail, and thats failing hard..

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IzKyD13313605d ago

I hope my neighbor doesn't get this :P

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