First Blue Dragon Anime Image

Starting on Saturday April 7th, the Blue Dragon anime will be broadcasted weekly on TV Tokyo at 9:00. Here is the first image.

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MoonDust4313d ago

Can't wait for the US version.

no_more_heroes4313d ago

but its turn-based. I'm not too fond of turn-based RPGs. They're too slow and most of them play the same, save for Legend of the Dragoon. Its all about fast action for me. Action RPGs (Kingdom Hearts) all the way.

FirstknighT4313d ago

The anime is going to explode the popularity of the game. This is good news for Blue Dragon fans and for the Xbox 360 who's trying to make a dent in Japan. This will definitely help.

ReconHope4312d ago

wonder if the anime will be as good as the game. (Not that i played the game)

jpod4309d ago

i hope it sticks to how it was like in the manga, just toned down a bit like usual. i can't wait for the game to hit stateside. been waiting for the game since i first heard about it and can't wait for this anime too. too good.