Game Focus: Lord of the Rings Conquest Review

A weekend rental at best due to the game being wildly unbalanced and not a fun game but just a mediocre title. If it is patched and it's balancing and multiplayer issues are addressed it might be worth a second look. Hopefully EA will return to the fold and give us another great game like Lord of the Rings: The Third Age, an awesome Role Playing Game that Game Focus would love to see a similar game released this generation.

+ Has Lord of the Rings footage from the movies...
+ Nice mix of Heroes from both sides
+ Easy to run up some achievements
+ Co-op has potential if patched

- Very repetitive missions and gameplay
- Good campaign is way too easy, evil campaign is way too hard
- Most of the voice acting is bad
- Unbalanced
- Graphics suck at times
- Multiplayer is laggy and boy it's bad at times

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