Digital Extremes on Dark Sector - New Media

His name is Hayden Tenno, and he is going to kill you.

D3 Publisher and Digital Extremes are slowly lifting the veil from their upcoming sci-fi opus, Dark Sector. Though a playable version of the game is still several months away, there has been an influx of information about the title in the past several months. In that time, we've seen the outer space theme and futuristic cyber-suit step aside in favor of a more modern setting and a greater emphasis on the storyline -- and we've seen quite a bit of video as well.

Today, IGN gotten their hands on even more media but this time it has a twist. In addition to the standalone teaser that shows off a couple of brutal kill scenarios, we've also obtained a "DVD Commentary" version that explains Dark Sector in added detail. Project Lead Steve Sinclair walks us through 90 seconds of footage and covers everything from the motivation of lead character Hayden Tenno, the Glaive weapons he employs, the inclusion context-based fatalities, and a sneak peek at the adventure's first boss creature.

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Siesser4311d ago

Game looks like it's coming along nicely, and should be a nice inclusion into anyone's library. But I have to wonder if I'm the only one out there who's gotten tired of all these gritty, violent games. Everything coming out is about feeling the intensity of the kill and stuff.

Says the guy looking forward to God of War 2 and Assassin's Creed ...

Anyways, I hope they manage to balance the use of that boomerang doohickey. Long distance attacks are always kind of a danger zone in games, because they can eliminate the sense of closeness and intensity that I previously denounced above :)

SIX4311d ago

This game should give Gears some competition in the graphics field. The combat looks a little slow though.