Japanese charts: Sony catching Nintendo News

Sony continues to put pressure on Nintendo as the gap in Japanese hardware sales closes.

Combined sales of Wii and DS fell more than those of PS3, PS2 and PSP, narrowing the difference to 31,069 units, according to Media Create data on NeoGAF.

Both companies count one extra top 50 software entry for the week ending 25th January. The Wii now accounts for 12 spaces and PS3 fills nine spots.

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Voiceofreason3581d ago

LOL SOny catching Nitendo? Yeah right.. Even the writer knew that was complete BS thats why he added in 3 systems compared to 2.. Which is it really? PS2 is still the market leader in Japan so if you add in PS2 sales Sony is already beating the Wii and has been for years. The fight right now is between the PS3 and the Wii, and as far as that goes the 360 is as close to catching the PS3 as the PS3 is to catching the Wii...

I need a website so I can write fanboy BS like this.. If its ok for this to be shown then an article talking about the 360 catching up to PS3 has just as much merit as this..

Wii is at what 7million in Japan? and PS3 is barely over 1 or 2 million..Someone has some extremely poor math skills if they really consider being outsold yet again as a sign of catching up. Right now all console sales are on the decline. It is only natural that when you sale way more you will see a bigger decrease in sales and when you selling as poorly as the PS3 is already you wont notice that big of a drop. Dont have as far to fall.

For once it would be nice to see some legit good news for Sony. Not nonsense fanboy spin that anyone with 3rd grade math skills can see is an outright lie.

Gr813581d ago

Since when does 'catching up' coincide with not being behind by as many as before. To be catching up you actually have to outsell the company that's been outselling you for over two years now. People also have to stop with this PS family bullsh!t. PS2 is just a walking corpse at this point, and the only reason Sony has kept it going is to try to balance the losses PS3 is accumulating.

Tony P3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

Actually, "catching up" means exactly that. What you describe is 'surpassing'.

And Sony has a long way to go to do to that.

MegaMohsi3581d ago

that walking corpse is still selling significantly enough worldwide, I dont know about you but if I were a company I'd take easy money any day. Don't be mad that the Xbox and GCN were discontinued after like 4 years.

Gr813581d ago

Your right, my wording as off. But actually what I was trying to say was when you are behind (PS3) when on a weekly basis you find yourself still behind, whether by 20k or 10k you are not gaining, you are only slowing down the process of which you are being left behind. When you have been lagging behind for 2 yrs, to catch up you need to surpass your competition for two years by the same amount they've been passing you by.

Have you ever played a racing game before? Same principles apply.