MLB 2K7 Demo on the Field

2K Sports released a demo of Major League Baseball 2K7 today. Available for download on Xbox Live Marketplace

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donscrillinger4311d ago

this game is the best baseball game ever for any system 2k has done it again,its just so real, MAN i cant wait to see ALL-PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 for the 360 a must have for sports fans !long live 2k

weekapaugh4310d ago

i just played this and wasn't that impressed. will prolly go with the PS3 version instead for the sixaxis batting.

TheMART4311d ago

And the best version again is on 360...

Best graphics, sharpest, best colours and

the PS3 only has a 12 person league online, the 360 has 30 person league

The ugly PS3 kid of the block got beaten again by the mighty white 360

kamakazi4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

damn mart, your hard-on for the PS3 just doesnt end does it. your obsession towards the PS3 is prettty sickening.

downloading the demo now. hopefully its good.

Dlacy13g4311d ago

I usually am not a big BB fan for video games...but after playing this one...I just might pick it up. Very well done...presentation was top notch!

Funky Town_TX4311d ago

The GFX were xbox quality. The cut scenes were good. I'll pass on this one.

TheBrit4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Im still out on this one.

After seeing some of the latest videos, especially the giants v's the cardinals where zito was on the mound, I couldnt tell the difference half the time between the game and real film.

But, after playing this, I only saw glimpses of the video - I popped in mlb 2k6 right after and I will be honest, the concourses and the people on them didnt look that much improved at all. The crowd didnt have that hi-def gleam to them that I saw in the videos (most of the time).

I dont know, it just didnt look close to the videos which looked like they were all in game footage so I'm a little unsure. Might rent from gameznflix just to be on the safe side.

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