The Wii needs better games - and fast

Msnbc writes: "John Shuster bought a Wii for the holidays. And so far, the only games he's liked? "Wii Play" and "Wii Sports." Everything else, he says, went back to the rental counter a day early.

"I guess now that I have the money for the pinnacle of gaming, I'm just not that interested in it," he wrote in an e-mail.

And that's been the rap on the Nintendo Wii since its late-2006 launch: hot console, lukewarm games. Or, at least, the games that weren't from Nintendo."

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jeremyds3582d ago

That person doesn't seem to know what they are talking about. I'm no Wii Fanboy (I play my 360 more), but there are a lot more than 4 or 5 good games on the system!

GWAVE3582d ago

There are plenty of good games on the Wii. Granted, not as many as are on the PS3 or 360, but people have been threatening "OMG! The Wii needs better games or it'll sink!" since mid-2007.

KrazyFace3582d ago

I do think the Wii is in need of some decent games, I think the devs just kinda let the Wii do it's thing (sell it's self) got lazy an' started putting out junk, knowing full well that some of those millions of people that bought one would find their game and give it a shot. We need more things like World of Goo and Mad World to push what the Wii does best, simple, pick-up-and-play games that compliment it's graphical abilities.