PSU Staff Roundtable: GTA IV Wish List

"With the next iteration of the blockbuster series Grant Theft Auto currently in development for the PS3, the staff here at PSU thought it would be a good time to talk about what they'd like to see from the next title. We discuss everything from co-op play to comedy, so sit back and enjoy the discussion!"

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InMyOpinion4308d ago

for me would be the camera and controls.

timmyp534308d ago

those days should be over. Yea PSu staff had some really interesting wishes ..hopefuly some of them are granted by the GTA staff.

SuperSaiyan44308d ago

Just thought I would remind everyone less you all had forgotten...360 gets exclusive episodic content as well. So any suggestions for the 'PS3' version would also apply to the 360 version as well.

DC RID3R4308d ago

crackdown, Dave Jones (the originator of GTA) has definately "raised the bar" as to where you can take "sand-box" games. Rockstar, I'm sure will deliver the goods as always, but it's just a little harder now.


SuperSaiyan44308d ago

Crackdown is more like Spiderman in every sense...Only where Spiderman has guns and can never die permanently...

Saints Row was pretty damn good with being able to do many things but I still think GTA 4 will be amazing.

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