Xbox 360 Guitar Hero 2 could feature "Halo Mjolnir Theme Song"

The phenomenon that is Guitar Hero 2 is set to hit the Xbox 360 on April 3rd 2007.

It has been announced that the Xbox 360 version will contain 10 new songs that were not found in the Playstation 2 version. However here is song that was not announced, officially anyway. According to Xbox Official Magazine March 2007 issue, the Xbox 360 version could get a awesomely unique downloadable song that is none other than Steve Vai's electric guitar version of "Halo Mjolnir Theme Song".

source: Xbox Official Magazine March 2007

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kamakazi4310d ago

how lame, keep halo music on halo games, people playing guitar hero already look funny playing the game. i can hear it now "i can play halo music on my guitar hero guitar" lol. pick up a real guitar.

Ravenator5294309d ago

I hate when people make that comment about this game, "just pick up a real guitar".

Its a F'n game man. People who play guitar hero don't care if they look retarded playing this game because they can deal with the fact that they are having fun PLAYING A GAME!

If the Halo theme is an official track on the 360 version, then I say "bring it on"!

smokeandapancake4309d ago

I would MUCH rather play the Halo theme; instead of psychobilly freak out...

Xi4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

I can't wait. I love playing that song on my guitar.

even better is if they did it to a completely new trailer for the game.

MySwordIsHeavenly4309d ago

...but putting this on here and pubicizing it would be a VERY smart move by Activision/Red Octane/Harmonix!

Bathyj4309d ago

I love Guitar Heroes and it would be great to have alot of game music in it. The more good tracks the better.

Its funny this story should come out right now thou, after the story yesterday about whether M$ is "Whoring" Halo out.