PlayStation Universe Dark Void Hands-on

From PlayStation Universe: "The Bermuda Triangle is a famed location with a dark past. Legends claim that this vast portion of the ocean is prone to paranormal activity, and will send people into early retirement or, to be straightforward, to their deaths. This is something Dark Void protagonist and cargo pilot Will should have known before taking his slight detour through the mystic area. Instead of delivering his goods ahead of schedule, Will is transported to an alien dimension where a war is brewing between the Survivors (Will's kind) and the Watchers, a group of technologically advanced aliens. Thankfully for Will, Nikola Tesla, another Survivor, has been busy these last few years creating weaponry in order to take the war to the Watchers. Once Will finds out that the aliens are planning to come through the rift to wage war with mankind, he takes up arms with Tesla's protective suit, jet pack, and unrivaled arsenal of high-tech weaponry."

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