Crave Responds To Islamic Message Allegation

Publisher Crave has responded to claims made earlier in the week by an Indiana mother that her daughter's copy of Baby Pals contains a pro-Islamic audio message.

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Leord3068d ago

Do I dare say anything here? I just opened my mouth on that Islamic RTS news, and got my comment deleted as well as lost a bubble o.O

People take religion too seriously.

Cryos3068d ago

i don't understand the outcry about it. it doesn't sound like anything to me, and even if it did, how is that offensive? I'd understand if it said "declare jihad".

The news media needs to focus on something more productive, like, oh, our economy, and how a company we bailed out wants to buy another jet, and a president at one of the companies spent a million to redecorate his office. (thankfully he was fired, and is going to reimburse the money)

thetamer3068d ago

Don't you know? Haven't you heard? Islam IS the light.


phosphor1123068d ago

but is it necissary to make fun of my religion every chance one gets? Not talking about you, but just..thats how people in general are these really sucks..

hay3068d ago

@phosphor112: Cheer up mate, let them make fun of it, in the end it's the christian church who's giving the bad touch to children.
You shouldn't feel awkward with your religion(unless you worship Flying Spaghetti Monster).
If it makes you a better person to others, gives you the feeling of inner comfort, sense of security or it's your sense of life, stick with it. It's all that matter.

verb3k3068d ago

I wonder what moral is behind those stories...
keep your Bible away from children if you are serious about that.

InMyOpinion3068d ago

Flying Spaghetti Monster is just as real as any other god.

Dream Machine3068d ago

How dare you question my religion!? Still, I forgive you. May you be touched by his noodly appendage.

Nihilism3068d ago

best call ever, the person who gave you a thumbs down is obviously putting his hands down little boys pants also, common knowledge - the catholic church is a haven for pedophiles

hay3068d ago

@Jenzo: I think differently on this topic but opinion is like as*, everyone has own.

Cryos3068d ago

i heard the bird was the word

is that true?

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AndyA3068d ago

I wonder if she'd have complained if the game said "Christ is the saviour".

thetamer3068d ago

No, she's not going to complain about that. But let's think about Moses parting her seas...

Do you think she would complain if she was being told to rub Buddha's belly?

Dorjan3068d ago

No comment. I can't get into a religious debate on the Internet. Just cause flame wars and no-one thinks about anything that is said.

lokiroo4203068d ago

Almost as if the internet is a religion.

Maticus3068d ago

It's a very tricky subject to bring up anywhere. Too many emotions ties in with it.

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