Sony plans Killzone 2 web game in marketing push

A Killzone 2 casual web game is to be launched as a part of Sony's £2 million marketing campaign.

The game will be available to download for Firefox and Internet Explorer users, and invites players to fight in teams against the 'Helghast threat'.

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ZackFair3578d ago

Give us some damn television ads already, stop failing!

GrieverSoul3578d ago

I agree!
Internet is full of hype or hate for this game!

Either one is publicity!!!

But we need to see this game on street billboards and caomercials during large audience shows!

Cmon SONY! You have it all in your hands now! Dont screw it!!!

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

I barely watch TV anymore, except when Scrubs is on.

Blaze9293577d ago

Everyone on the internet who's a game knows about Killzone 2; how could they not? And Sony didnt have to do a THING in that department. Internet advertising is nailed, this is not where they need to be focusing.

Where they should be is TV ads, maybe some radio ads, store ads etc.

thereapersson3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

The ADS, I say!

They need to have something during the Superbowl!

A whole 2 million? Oooh, they're really going all out on this one...


ultimolu3578d ago f*cking dumbasses.

LeShin3578d ago

lol 3 million for 30 secs at the Superbowl! Especially in this economic climate where every company is posting huge losses, that would be crazy. The ads will come, they did with MGS4.

Some people on n4g are crazy, it's not even bloody February yet!

resistance1003578d ago

Why would SCEE UK spend money on advertising at the superbowl?

ultimolu3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I didn't imply that Sony should advertise early or they should waste all the money on the Superbowl. This is a big game and I'm hoping they don't blow this one up.

That's all.

Just don't want them to screw this up.

interrergator3577d ago

this is the game that will blow the ps3 up they just need some oh idk

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nix3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

SONY STOP DOING THESE SMALL INTERNET GIMICS!!! most of the internet users will know about the game from reviews.

get to the HARDCORE! TVCs, press, billboards. only when the people see it then will they search in the internet.

only one month left??? WTF? ARE YOU GUYS WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS????

redsquad3578d ago

To be honest, I've been surprised by the ammount of posts (on other gaming forums, not here) from people who actually didn't know anything about Kz2 until very recently. This may help reel a few in!!!

nix3578d ago

i was shocked when i asked one guy if he was buying a KZ2. he was like what is that? and guess where i met him..? at Home. and we were playing bowling. lol.

my whole point was... no casual person is going to log in the net and search for KZ2 unless they see it on TV or billboards etc. i know they have a budget but they better use it wisely.

dude_uk3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

"A Killzone 2 casual web game is to be launched as a >>>PART<<< of Sony's £2 million marketing campaign."

see that??? internet marketing is included as part of their whole marketing campaign.... and that's just for the UK

ohh btw


nix3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

but like i said... but where will you find "casual" gamers. on the road, right? watching tv, right? so... if the people don't see it (on tv, billboards etc..) no one is going to search for it in the net. i hope this time they have big plans.

EDIT: nah.. we just want them to use their money intelligently, that's all... q:

dude_uk3578d ago

i know i know... i just think you guys are blowing this out of proportion =P

but yes the casuals will be on the road and watching TV so i also do hope they do TV ads for the UK =D

Daz3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

that image is so crap now. its was good when i first saw it.

But image is saying the helghast one and you lost, you do suck at this game :P

Only messing around.

Pre orderd mine from today :)

dude_uk3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago ) all the way mate...

KZ2 with the Tin Case for £32.99

Standard Edition £29.99


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