MMORPG gold selling website purchased for 10 million dollars

Acquiring vast sums of virtual gold in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft is a long and arduous task. Acquiring 10 million dollars in real life to purchase a website which sells virtual gold is a questionable and confusing transaction to the common person, especially amidst a troubled economy. But yet, there is money to be had in the MMO gold business.

Recently MMO Inc. acquired the online MMORPG gold selling site My MMO Shop for a cool 10 million bones. The company "MMO Inc" was created in 2008 for the one purpose of purchasing My MMO Shop. MMO Inc.'s Media Relation's Agent Hunter Crowell insists that untraditional investing is key within the struggling economy, and that "people are staying home more and choosing less expensive forms of entertainment, like playing video games."

Anyone that has played an MMORPG knows that gold selling is booming, as it's difficult to walk 10 feet in a crowded capital city without receiving spam messages regarding plumping up your virtual bank account. Jeez… 10 million dollars could buy a lot of epic flying mounts.

Have any of you ever taken advantage of this "service?" Do you believe this contradicts the reason we play games, or is it legitimate?

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