Dragonball: Origins Too Hot For Australia, Gets Recalled

Aussies get fired up over Dragonball: Origins' PG rating, Atari recalls all copies of the DS game. Due to some steamy sans-pants scenes in the DS action-adventure Dragonball: Origins, Atari is recalling all copies of the game shipped to Australia, which will undergo a change from its original PG rating.

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Bathyj3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

For a bunch of c**ts who dont give a f**k, our politicians sure do have alot of sand in their vaginas.

Nihilism3604d ago

couldn't agree more, and that's also the best call ever heard by me, lol, respect

psiom3604d ago

Don't forget that if their vaginas don't appear to be sandy, people assume they aren't doing anything.

The trick is finding just the right amount of sand.

SaiyanFury3604d ago

Holy $hit, I feel for you people in Australia. So far as I've seen the government runs the country like one big censored monopoly. I suggest you guys just import the game from the US or Europe.

FinalFantasyFanatic3604d ago

Actually they treat us more like kids, e.g. no porn is allowed to be sold in some Australian states and Labour is planning Mandatory Internet censorship (during the election they said it would be opt-in/out).

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d2dahoopa3604d ago

All i can say is "wow" to this one lol

gumgum993604d ago


It does say Dragonball: Origins

what did you expect?

SuperSaiyan43604d ago

Hahahaha I sooo get what you just said LOL!!!