X-Play: Mr. Sark: Killzone 2 Walkthrough

Mr. Sark stops by the set to talk about his impressions of the new PlayStation 3 exclusive Killzone 2 including the single player campaign, the cover system and the game's weapons.

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Cwalat3578d ago

:) getting sick of the videos.


can i get an amen up in here !!???

thereapersson3578d ago

I agree! Thankfully February is almost here, and thus the real countdown begins

Ace_Shooter3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )


EDIT: BUT how many damn times does he have to say c o d ?? wtf? i hope he doesn't review the game for xplay i see a bad one coming if it were him lol

Cwalat3578d ago

ACE shooter...

I agree,

he does mention COD alot... and what's with all the Gears cover system hype?

ofcourse it's not the same :P ITS AN FPS.. GEARS IS 3PS.. they cant have the same layout in coversystem... LOL

but anyways.. it's fair to say... all the things KZ2 does... it does it in an EXCELLENT way.. with gorgeous looks...

it would be an understatement to call it good looking game... it is probably the best looking game ever created.

Ace_Shooter3578d ago

you get another AMEN!! KZ2 does look very sexy

JoySticksFTW3577d ago

Sark seemed like he couldn't wait to blast KZ2, and Sessler kept veering him away from the cheapshot fanboyism and back to the "is the game good or not" preview.

Atleast that's what I saw in this video...

F' Sark

Good job, Sess

Fake CoD? are you kidding me? Like a game shouldn't use good ideas from other great games?

Rofflecopter3577d ago

besides, im pretty sure that the only thing they have in common besides being FPS is that CoD kinda brought the aim before shooting thing into the picture..

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grantps33578d ago

i didnt really like the interview..

the guy didnt seem like he even wanted to be there, and all he did was compare it to Cod.....yes yes we know that they have similarities.....but

the similarities are.....know super jumps, ability to sprint, massive battles, and weight to the guns...

any FPS that is aimed to be realistic is going to have these. killzone is its own game and killzone 2 still had all of these elements back before Cod4 came out....dont compare games

Graphics Whore3578d ago

I got a different vibe, it seemed to me atleast that he was pleasantly surprised.

jams_shop3578d ago

I really hope that "02/27/09" is Sony playing an early April's fool on us and in fact the KZ2 is coming next week lol

Ace_Shooter3578d ago

an early april fools lol actually i hope it is. next week sounds good:)

Omega63578d ago

c o d
c o d
o c d...... see what I did?

Meus Renaissance3578d ago

All this guy contributes is saying that the game is like COD4? Seriously, he sounds like he played the game for 20mins

Mr Tretton3578d ago

agreed. But this site and their lame videos suck ass and we should all know this by now. G4 never sound like they know what they're talking about. Like they are casual gamers with Wiis pretending to know about hardcore games. Next.

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The story is too old to be commented.