The PC of 2010

Your gaming PC is a work-in-progress. Just when you're happy with a quad-core, SLIed-up beast, Intel redo their entire CPU structure and enter the graphics card market. This year people are going to see monitor prices plummet, a new version of Windows supporting a touch screen interface, and hard drive tech repurposed from USB drives. There's a whole new world of hardware on its way. Here's what you can expect from 2009.

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zagibu3581d ago

What I'm still looking forward to is a piece of tech that can be equipped with regular RAM modules and connected like a SATA-HD. Think RAM-drive. This would not be double or triple the speed (writing AND reading) of any regular HD, but hundreds of times as fast.
There was an affordable piece of hardware like this some years ago, but only a few hundred pieces were produced, and it also only supported 4 GB total capacity. With todays affordable RAM, I see no reason that would prevent such a device from supporting capacities of 16 or 32 GB.

DeadlyFire3581d ago

Laurabee isn't just a CPU/GPU combination it will be competing with NVIDIA and AMD/ATI if AMD exists(They have taken alot of financial hits in the past few years) in 2010 to run all the top games out there at good speeds. Not just old games like Half-Life. Laurabee is a GPU/CPU hybrid to come about as a CPU/GPU that works with additional GPUs like AMD/ATI's stuff going around out there right now with Fusion on its way. Both of the projects are the same. A CPU/GPU that works together on the same chip as well as room for others to be plugged into the motherboard and assist them as needed. NVIDIA is kinda stuck in the middle right now without a CPU developer unless they decide to buy AMD/ATI. I think NVIDIA is working with S3, but I doubt that will last forever unless they buy them or S3 starts pushing into mainstream market. Either of which is possible. So many companies have been bought in the past 3 years.

Octo-Core(8 cores) era begins in 2010. Core i7 is a brief intro. before 8 core comes about in 2010.

SSD and USB Stick drives. Both are coming and prices will drop while the sizes continue to go up and by 2010 both should be affordable. So the market will begin to flood with them while the way of the old HDD dies out.

There are 2 or 3 other types of monitors coming along as well. There are many actually. There is panoramic view monitors/wrap around type of monitor. There is also 3D gaming monitors and other monitors of all shapes and sizes. OLED and SED monitors should be coming in 2009/2010 both of which should see many vast improvements to color and contrast that many other monitors just don't have right now.