Deadly Creatures Developer Video Explains Wii Motion Controls [video]

Pretty soon, you'll get to live the life of a scorpion or tarantula. Or not. You'll have to fight to survive amongst other snakes, insects, and rats in Deadly Creatures. This game is coming exclusively to the Wii system from developer Rainbow Studios and game publisher THQ. Why only to the Wii? Watch a new developer video to find out.

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N4g_null3603d ago

They really should have not complained about support. Seriously I know I'm getting monster hunter yet this I'm not sure. I guess I'll give it a try it could be fun. For some reason I don't really want a realistic spider environment yet a blocky bio tech one. Now that would turn me on. Some scientist putting you in a death maze LOL. I guess we will see though. It's always nice to be surprised.