Ultra Ninjas : Operation Anchorage Review

Ultra Ninja Matt writes "As said at the start, there's nothing particularly wrong with Operation Anchorage in some ways; it's new content set in a new kind of environment, you get new equipment and it's still fun enough for the three or so hours it'll occupy, but you can't help but feel for the price it's still a little on the expensive side and that it's rather too linear and easy for its own good. It sure as heck beats paying a couple of hundred points for a Horse Armour Pack and for those who have exhausted the main game then it's a welcome injection, but the overriding feeling is that Operation Anchorage misses the point a little in the way it is set out. Here's hoping the next couple of packs bring us a little closer to that particular kind of Fallout gameplay we all grew to love last year."

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