Bethesda's Big Takeaways For 'Fallout 4'

It's hard not to think about the next "Fallout" game, and while Bethesda is quiet about "Fallout 4," they've said they intend to make more "Fallout" games, so MTV Multiplayer asked the company to name their biggest lessons learned from making "Fallout 3."

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METtAL-GAMER3609d ago

If they've learned from they're mistakes why don't they get rid of the damn level cap?

Tempist3609d ago

Now, now this is their first Fallout game since they took over the Fallout IP. Yes you can't make a monalisa on the first try, but it's not like the game was broken, just not entirely as everyone was expecting.

I don't think it will take too long to make an Fallout game on the scale of Daggerfall, but it will be a challenge. So long as they take the proper time and no push it out in the next 2 years.

ThanatosDMC3609d ago

Morrowind with updated graphics and gameplay please!

I like sword and shields better... but i hope they add all the gore from Fallout for the next iteration of Oblivion...

Tony P3609d ago

"Don't let the game end, and don't have a level cap"

I don't see how they just now learned this. I enjoyed F3. Even the bugs were forgivable since it's an open world game. But this is what you learn? Bit of a waste, imo.

edhe3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

What i learned is that if you're going to have an ecosystem, vary it.
Level capping sucks, the more i play the more powerful i want to become, that's what levelling's for. Let me skip or fast forward VATS.
Add some mo-cap animation, or procedure phusics based animation on the people. Give us mas effect style conversations, i want to see my character i spent time designing say the words i want him to say. If you're going to be a shooter - apply some console shooting mechanics like the 'sticky' crosshair. there's no way i can shoot someone in fallout when they're close - movement's way too fast.

and more voices please... more voices...


I want Elder Scrolls with Fallout gore and 2-4 player coop and better graphics.

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Canary3609d ago

So, basically... Bethesda thinks Fallout 3 was PERFECT and thinks people want to play it FOREVER.

Because, you know, God-forbid they hire EVEN A SINGLE WRITER.

thereapersson3609d ago

the writing was terrible, not to mention the fact that they didn't really use the Fallout canon AT ALL.

pain777pas3609d ago

first improvement shooting without vats must improve. 2nd the animations for woman must improve and set the world before its blown and progress into it being blown would be the best thing. The game is great no doubt, however their are improvements like seing your character's face and body in another menu like oblivion. Plus the graphics could have been better they are better character models and it works for making a male character but I like making girls so for me they could have done better in this regard.

skip2mylou3609d ago

im still playing..... 5th time around

rhood0223609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

My perfect Fallout game would be in two acts:

Act 1 would be fairly linear and take place before the nuclear war where you create a character who is working for the US government doing various missions aimed at reestablishing order in the wake of the successful Alaskan liberation movement. As the story for act 1 progresses, you learn that the U.S. has a plan of their own to invade China--which is preceded by a tactical nuclear strike on the country--to capture experimental technology aimed at alleviating energy needs (a major source of conflict in the pre-war Fallout universe). You learn that this plan had been in effect for a while, to the point that contingencies were in place to rebuild the country in the aftermath (which would tie together the other games' aspects--GECK, the AI President, the Enclave, etc). Eventually, you have to make the choice of sabotaging the plan, with limited success, or letting it happen. Either way, the war starts and your character dies in the ensuing attack.

Act 2 would take place some time later, maybe 70 years after the war where you awaken in one of the Vaults. Newly resurrected (and able to customize your character even more+ carry over stats from the previous act) you learn that you yourself were part of the Vault experimental program--sort of the successful clone attempt, unlike the "Gary" disaster. Eventually you make it out of the Vault and proceed to make your own path.

Tempist3609d ago

That's actually not too bad of an idea. It would take a lot to get it all working nicely interms of story and mechanics, but it's very do-able.

TheColbertinator3609d ago

How about Elder Scrolls 5,eh?

Tempist3609d ago

Hey hey, they're probably working in the VATS system for that soon enough.

Graphics Whore3609d ago

They could improve Fallout A LOT. I'm not trying to make the wrong impression, I absolutely loved playing Fallout 3 but there were tons of things they could have improved on it especially the stability of the game.

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