IGN: Is Casual Gaming Destroying the Industry?

Casual gaming is without a doubt the latest phenomenon to sweep through the videogames industry. The constant struggle to legitimize gaming in the eyes of the mainstream consumer is now within the reach of the throngs of ad executives that power the business side of the industry and it seems as though their attempts at opening the floodgates to every Joe, Bob and Mary have very nearly been realized.

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edwineverready3578d ago

I am a hardcore gamer and don't care for casual games, but xbox and ps3 are bringing out casual games like in the movies and eye pet to bank on the casual market. as long as there are more hardcore games on ps3 then casual im cool. i think xbox720 will go more casual because ms wants to get those wii gamers.

thebudgetgamer3578d ago

the problem is when the market gets flooded with mediocre software decent games will suffer, as they will be lost among the piles of bad games. then what happens when the "casual" audience decides they dont feel like playing games anymore, thats when it becomes 83 again