Are New Play Control! Wii Games Worth It?

Starting in March in the States and February in Europe, Nintendo will begin re-releasing old games for the console. Titled New Play Control!, the budget range of Wii games has taken some of the Gamecube's finest games (so fine that the console failed..) and has upscaled them, dressed them up and slapped them in the controls with a Wii Remote. Ouch.

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Shnazzyone3577d ago

Is an example of the unnecessary gamer whining involved with the wii. His gripes about metroid prime getting pointing fps controls is totally moronic. Obviously he has not played an fps on the wii yet or he would realize it is possibly the best method to control an fps ouside of a mouse/keyboard config. This angry wii bashing needs to stop. It's like nintendo can't do anything these days without constant ridicule from idiots like this author. I want these controls for Metroid Prime 1 & 2. Plus Pikmen 2 should be great (didn't care for 1). It's not like nintendo was the first publisher to rerelease titles. Plus motion controls are great, stop whining! You make it sound like gaming can't exist if we ever change how how we play them. Next gen all systems will probably have some form of motion control so stop spazzing and get used to it.

ChickeyCantor3577d ago

You could have said it much faster, I mean this guy doesn't understand that the GCN didn't sell that well. And Lots of people missed out on these games.

I'm actually happy they make some changes instead of a copypaste onto a dvd9 disc and say its a wii game.

I want MP1 and...Windwaker with motion plus...but i guess i can only dream right?