19 Ways to Play Co-operatively

What They Play writes:

"Playing with other people is a great way to enjoy video games. Whether it's working together to defeat an alien hoard, hooking up the wining pass in soccer, collaborating to solve puzzles or simply trying to shoot more bad guys, playing with real people greatly enhances the interactions and unpredictability of the best play experiences.

This latest generation of consoles offer more ways than ever before for us to play together. With the advent of online play consoles reflect our ever more connected lives by enabling us to play together online. Players can team up in the same game, see each other on screen, talk and compete with each other whilst being sat many miles apart. Friends lists, messaging and voice chats will be familiar to anyone who has used Facebook.

Even with all this online technology though, the best experiences are often had with friends and family in the same room. There's nothing quite like sitting down next to someone and sharing a video game experience. And herein lays the problem - finding games that support this local multiplayer way of playing together. We were surprised just how hard it is to identify which games support this and even more surprised by the increasing number of games that only supported online multiplayer."

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