Idle speculation on the next console generation

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

In spite of the tremendous bashing the PS3 has taken in the last few months, and the rabid comments of frustrated angry fans who spew bile on anyone who dares criticize their system, things are starting to look up for the system. The fact that a high-hype, high-profile game like Killzone 2 has not gotten crushed under the weight of questionable journalism is proof enough of that.

Of course, since the later stages of the "console war," which is a term both idiotic and laughable, are upon us, it may be time to wonder about what hardware may be offered within the next generation.

There is a bit of speculation that the next set of consoles could hit as early as 2011. This may seem a bit early, considering the 6 1/2 year gap between Playstations 2 and 3. However, the time between Xbox and 360 was a hair above 4 years, both released in November in 2001 and 2005, respectively. If trends continue, Microsoft may be churning out another full circle within the next couple of years.

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vincentvegawchz3605d ago

It is very true to on alot of different points. However, I do not believe PS4 will be released until 2013-2014 or so. No reason to, there is ALOT of stuff the PS3 hasnt even touched on, the next xbox will be unvieled next year (2010) at e3 and then will be releases the following November, 2010. While xbox will struggle for sales because of the high prices and the Low prices of the PS3, it will be the Xbox 720 VS the PS3, eventually it will end when the PS4 comes out at a lower price point than the Xbox 720 with all of the PS3 games will be completely compatible and run just as smooth and good looking as the future Xbox 720 games. But the Xbox will be 400.00 when the ps4 comes out with the same price tag but with better features.... The Next Xbox will be a Ps3 with more memory, a new cool interface, and a HDDVD type of disc that people will moan about developing for because"Awww too hard" well quit developing games and be a landscaper. I do believe the next Xbox will be kinda neat, but not worth the Upgrade, the Xbox 360 will eventually become failure in history, because it wasnt true Next Gen, it was the same system a little bit more power with a GREAT online community, (you pay for that)It jumped the gun to make the sales which it did, and will eventually be overturned by Sony by summer 2010. When the New xbox will be Debuted.

NaiNaiNai3604d ago

and i guess your can see the future.

you do know, if they do come out with a xbox 720n and then release a halo 4. >.> ps3 will still lose

Why dis3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Dam SDF is losing it.

"high-profile game like Killzone 2 has not gotten crushed under the weight of questionable journalism is proof enough of that"


A console is in bad shape when the turn around/fate/comeback of a console depends on one game(now and in the past, MGS4, R2, and so on) sparks these kind of Biblical opinions/predictions/hopes. Like the PS3/fans are the chosen people.

Sony put themselves in this spot.

When you are the losers you talk about the destruction of the victors.

Twisted fictions consume losers(Pro Sony media supporters etc).

Droid Control3604d ago

in 2011 Xbox 360 will be 6 years old.

The PS2 was 6 years old when the ps3 launched...
5-6 years is perfectly normal.

IF sony launch in 2011 as some have said, thats still normal. 5 years is fine.

But i have a feeling M$ will launch winter 2010...