Resident Evil 5 and Xbox hidden message claims to have found a hidden message about Resident Evil 5 on Xbox live in Majors Minute. The hidden message is made up of a web address and numbers what could it mean?

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ASSASSYN 36o3578d ago

I wish it had something to do with a new Steel-battalion: Line of Contact game...I wish.

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GiantEnemyCrab3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

meep: did you notice that the RROD is in fact not rings at all? It's 3 quadrants of a circle. While the YLOD is indeed a flashing yellow light of death. :)

ASSASSYN 36o3578d ago

No I missed the rings but I did notice GiantEnemyCrab owned your ass meep.

Max Power3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

is a little grumpy.

XGRaViSmOrSX3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

if you go to and hit shift+5 it loads some flash animation and some snarling sounds. it then lets you click the header of the page and takes you to a resident evil site.

guess we'll have to wait until 01/30/09

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burbulla3578d ago

looks like the release date to me

The Hunter3578d ago

It also says BADLANDS... oke!

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Why dis3578d ago

Thats too bad meep is the only PS3 fan I can stand.

ThanatosDMC3578d ago

Meepmeep and Crabs are so funny... i bubble them up everytime i can!

Man_of_the_year3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Dude i am so happy you said that - Steel Battalion LOC has got to be the greatest game ever made - i played the hell out of that game - my absolute favorite game of all time - if they make a new updated version of that game for the 360 i swear i will never play another game again as i will be always on that game.

Pilot name - REF FALCON - Jar C - best VT in the game - i owned so many jap players that brought their Juggernauts into battle - 1v1 they had no chance even when they had to Clip dump and supply dump glitch on me they had no chance against the CUTTER BOOM!!!!

meepmoopmeep3577d ago


to clarify my first comment,

what i meant was, did you notice the 3 zeros are more pronounced/bolded
compared to the other numbers?

thereapersson3577d ago

lmao Meep, people get so worked up over this stuff. That was actually pretty clever. :)

Raz3577d ago

Yup, shift 5 gets you to a Capcom page with the word-theme 'Kijuju' and a wall covered with insane scrawlings and the numbers can scan it more in-depth with an animated candle to see if there are any secret messages (I've found a couple already, but they don't seem too significant).

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phoenixtilt3578d ago

lol..that would rock...but if they come out with a new steel battalion they better come out with a way to hook the old controller to the 360...cause I am not going to throw down another 100 bucks for a controller.

Man_of_the_year3578d ago

i went through 2 controllers...LOL i played it that much. Loved the game - nice to see that there is other pilots on N4G as the community became rather small after awhile.

Sangria3578d ago

"Exclusive 360 DLC for Resident Evil 5 to be announced on 30 January 09", i can smell it.

Stu19813578d ago

Appears on screen for five seconds?

Doesn't seem very hidden to me?

spartan112g3578d ago

Go on and type in 013009 and shift 5, then some weird thing happens. It's pretty stupid.

Heliophage3578d ago

You didn't figure anything out. 1.5 already said to hit Shift + 5, and it makes the flash banner clickable as a link to an RE5 site.