The Killzone 2 Let Downs, Why it isn't Scoring Higher

Gamer Limit writes "Anyone who has been to a Killzone forum would of noticed it has lit up with fan posts demanding why didn't it get a perfect score, eg IGN AU 9.0, IGN 9.4 rating, or more curiously why is it rated below Resistance 2.. Well below we try to help answer those questions."

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Liquid Snake3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Imagine if Sony gave $1000 swag bags to all the reviewers, like Microsoft did with Halo 3. This game would have 100% on Metacritic and Gamerankings.

I don't get this article, he is complaining about No Installs and No Co-op. Then we have other articles complaining about installs. Like the 'Yakuza 3, 5 gig install article'

Games like Half Life 2 and COD4 didn't have Co-op and yet it recieved perfect scores.

jwatt3577d ago

The scores are good what the [email protected] is wrong with you people.

Liquid Snake3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

nothing is wrong i was making a joke with the first sentance. Did you want me to edit the /sarcasm in?

In my mind anything above an 8.5 is good.

MasFlowKiller3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Andrew Wiggin, Ziriux, chrisjc FAIL for approving this Article

Shame on all you guys.

sonarus3577d ago

Ok i want to buy KZ2 infact i already paid for the full 60bucks for the game.

We all know its a great game but like pretty much every game i have ever seen it has some flaws here and there. So basically pointing out the minor flaws so those of us who are more interested in the game than in petty console wars earns reports. And wanting to know about the flaws (approving the story) basically means you fail.

I am a PS3 owner 1st and i hardly play my 360 but i have to admit PS3 fanboys are without a doubt by far the worst fanboys as far as N4G goes simply because of their lack of reasoning

MasFlowKiller3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Shame on you too Zhuk

and this article is probably going to get approve

INehalemEXI3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

No Installation is now a negative lol. Installs used to be a bad thing not to long ago.. I like the weapons, and voice acting. Anyway its got a 95 Meta atm with most ratings being anywhere from 90 to 100 how is that not high enough?

This is just a sites cry for attention I guess.


Lower scores because it is playstation exclusive

lil Titan3577d ago

dont forget the smoke from the RPG i mean talk about last gen oh and when you throw a grenade it explodes i mean this is just terrible, stuff around it like the walls look like they take damage i mean do they have to crumble give this game an F!!! but for real WHO THE PHUCK EVER HEARD OF GAMERLIMIT is it just me and i hope yall notice sarcasm when you read it

Durffen3577d ago

Let downs? The scores are fine.

I'm so sorry not every site alive is giving it a 10.

Why isn't the scoring higher? Has the guy who wrote this even played the full game yet, or is he just another idiot who is basing everything off the beta?

IGN said the Multiplayer is flat out astonishing, where as the single player is also great, but not as good as the multiplayer.

The scoring isn't higher because these people are scoring based off of WHAT THEY THOUGHT OF THE GAME. You know, THEIR OPINION. They're not scoring it off of what everyone else wants it to be.

myke66993577d ago

Actually COD4 was given the same score form IGN, a 9.4.

freeblue3577d ago

because the next time when they review any shooters after kz2. If they didn't minus half apoint or two becuase they dont' have co-op. or No "variations" just shooting.. all those reviewers will have a hell to pay.

JokesOnYou3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Now, here we go with the conspiracy theories...

Its so funny when I read comments like "I bet [insert site name] will give [insert ps3 exclusive]a [insert score]."

If its a 10= "Wow, see everybody knows _____ would cure cancer"

If it scores lower than what YOU think it deserves= "Its a conspiracy"

I thought reverse psychology only worked on kids, I mean basically you fanboys have it made, if only in real life you could get away with such logic.

lmfao, do you guys even listen to yourselves, wake up; do you know how looney you sound?, nowhere else is the sanity level so warped from reality as it is on n4g, I love it, its so damm funny.


arika3577d ago

don't worry my fellow gamers the perfect scores will come. count on it!

Sitdown3577d ago

bribe bags out...but still it did not get perfect 10s from everybody...and how do you explain the tens for GTA IV? Ohh and did reviewers get the bribe bags before or after they released their reviews? And I have never seen the article for myself...can you post a link please.

BrianC62343577d ago

And what's with the flamethrower complaints? Did Guerrilla make a big change to it? I've seen some videos of the flamethrower in use and it looked great.

CommonSense3577d ago

part of the perks of being a reviewer is you get access to final builds of games before other people. so if they played the whole game, and you only played the beta, who do you think has more experience with the game and has a better understanding for overall quality?

so who are you to tell them their review is wrong since you haven't experienced as much of the game as they have?

also, Resistance 2 didn't deserve to get over a 9. it's not that good. so i can understand being confused about why this game is scoring lower. but lets face it. very few games that score over 9 probably deserve that. 9.0+ is supposed to be the BEST. not good, GREAT. 9+ is given out like candy anymore. it's kinda embarrassing. why don't we all just ignore review scores and watch videos and read specs and form opinions on our own. and if you are unsure about a game, rent it...or goto a friends house n try it.

Firstkn1ghT3577d ago

$1000 swag bags? Wow dude. Talk about stretching the truth.

Well maybe they should of followed Konami's lead and send every reviewer a free trip to Paris for the unveiling of MGS4 and have their reviews supervised and restricted. :)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3577d ago

You do know you're being prejudice with your comment? You contradict yourself with a contradiction.

Lord Vader3577d ago

Actually, the article raises really valid points.

No co-op, no vehicles, slow-down, long loading times, 9 hour campaign, & a "letdown" ending... doesnt mean it's not a great game, just that after 4+ years of development, massive hype, & a budget higher than Gears 1 & 2 combined, it still can't deliver all the features that other big games have, like Gears & Halo. But the graphics look nice.

Just because it isnt perfect doesnt mean it wont be a great game. The MP will hopefully give PSN the exclusive killer MP app it just doesnt have right now. I just wonder where all the power of BluRay & the Cell is if this kind of money & development time doesn't at least match the features found in COD:[email protected]

Mozilla893577d ago

Since when did scoring in the 9's become a let down? I think a lot of people knew it wasn't going to get a 10.

MisterNiwa3577d ago

????, oh well, isnt a Tank a vehicle? I guess we talk bout two different games.
Gears Of War 1 & 2 combined got less Vehicles than Killzone 2 with 3 for each army.

Zool 083577d ago

PS3 cant seam to win

Killzone2 gets bash for no install, bad acting? Didnt MGS4 get bashed for doing the opposite? Come on make up your minds.

Alvadr3577d ago

"Games like Half Life 2 and COD4 didn't have Co-op and yet it recieved perfect scores."

Yes and COD4 scored the same as KZ2... Whats your point?

That 2D rez beem texture looks so funny, I wonder if they put it in for a joke. I can pritty much agree with his points in the article if they are true.

3577d ago
jammy_703576d ago

they'll put coop on the psstore in the next 3-5 months i mean y not every1 will but it!

JsonHenry3576d ago

Guys.. the game is scoring really well! WTF is your problem?!

uie4rhig3576d ago

Anyone who has been to a Killzone forum would "have NOT of" noticed it has lit up with fan posts demanding why "it didn’t not didn't it" get a perfect score, aka IGN AU 9.0, IGN 9.4 rating, or more curiously why is it rated below Resistance 2.. Well below we try to help answer those questions.

Before beginning>>,<< we must point out that Killzone 2 is by no means a bad game, and a few of "its NOT it’s" problem are very petty but nonetheless it just has a few areas where it could be more polished.

and that is only the first two mini paragraphs.. we can all see where this is going?
yes this article looks like it's written by a 12-year-old that has yet to finish primary school..


Jazz41083576d ago

If this game scored a perfect 10, you people would still b!tch that it didnt get a 11

BrotherNick3576d ago

Note: You're all giant losers. KZ2 can screw itself lol. PS3 is in the gutter. Let's all just agree with everyone so we don't feel like we made a bad purchase guys, yeah!

BRG90003576d ago

It amazes me how gamers can be so insecure. It's a good game. Enjoy it. Whether it gets a 9.0 or 9.4 or 10 isn't going to change how much fun you have with it.

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i_like_ff73577d ago

how exactly does the flamethrower look bad?

ThanatosDMC3577d ago

Also, isnt there going to be a post-launch patch for Story-line co-op? Or was that just a rumor. I remember reading about it.

freeblue3577d ago

they want a flamethrower shoot flame covering the entire screen when you used it. like in those terminator or bamboo movies. americans like everything big and "bad ass" not realistic. just look at how fat we are.

coolfool3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Flames filling the screen probably isn't the most realistic flame thrower.

I'm not exactly a flame thrower expert but here is how I imagine the best one's work.

If the flame was filling the screen that would indicate that the liquid fuel was being burnt before it had hit the target, this flame thrower would rely on the the targets clothes or something to be flammable for it to burn.

In killzone, the flame thrower looks like it is effectively spraying a flammable liquid that is alight. This would douse the target and continue to easily burn and cause damage after you have stopped spraying the target. This would be a much more effective weapon.

Summary: killzone flame thrower more realistic, less flashy.

Jazz41083576d ago

don't worry my fellow gamers the perfect scores will come. count on it!

Very true....Now start writing your blog reviews so they can get approved on N4G.

JsonHenry3576d ago

Stand behind a real flame thrower (like at one of those cool gun shows/demonstration things) and it pretty much does fill up your entire vision when you pull the trigger.

However, it is a video game. And it looks the way it is. I agree it does not look the best, but everything else in the game is Top Notch and head and shoulders above what I thought the PS3 was capable of given its current line-up of games available.

Ph1d0sX3576d ago

nothing wrong with not going for the usual high pressure propane flame thrower... right?

Gray23576d ago

Guys I'm pretty positive flame throwers are not at gun shows cuz they are illegal (even the US military bans them) so you couldnt have seen one being fired, at least not in the US...or legally. And all military flame throwers are napalm not propane. And all you would see would not be flame...its not a super wide flame it kinda yeah...KNOWLEDGE FTW
But yeah Killzone 2 is gonna be amazing and its flamethrower looks super sick, realistic or not (its not)!

vickers5003576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )


Yeah, it's only americans that don't like that aspect of the game. It couldn't possibly be that people judge games based on their opinion, it definitely has to be an issue based on where someone is from.

F*ck off you biggoted a*hole.

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PoSTedUP3577d ago

because it doesnt feel like it innovated on too many things, which is ok because if it does the "original" better than anyother game then what we have now is a crazy intence fps like no other with the greatest visuals to date only on the playstation3.

bu bu bu haaaayyloowwww.

GiantEnemyCrab3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Seems to me you can't enjoy this game without having to take a dump on another excellent game.

Do you really want to enjoy the game or you are more concerned about how much better than "haayyylloow" it is?

Halo 3 is a great game, good campaign with an excellent story and I suggest reading the books for you to fully appreciate it. Bungie is hands down the industry leader when it comes to community. Even Killzone is looking at for community ideas. The multiplayer is fun as hell and as far as a twitch fps goes it is one of the most fun I've had on consoles. When Halo 3 was released there was no CoD4 or Left4Dead and at the time it got the deserving scores. It was one of the most fun online console games there is.

As with all things the industry innovates and takes their ideas and improves on them and that has what's happened over the last 1.5 years so Halo needs to bring some new things to the table; maybe we will see that with ODST. But to sit here over a year after it's release and use the now standards to claim that it doesn't deserve the scores it got is lame.

The fan following Halo has gathered over the years is a testiment to it's greatness.

Killzone looks to be awesome and I can't wait to play it but stop dumping on PROVEN successful FPS's that many people are still enjoying.

TheColbertinator3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Crab is right.All of you should just be glad that Killzone 2 got past a 90 on Meta and stop pissing on Halo 3,Cod4,Left 4 Dead,and Gears of War.

Just enjoy your game and let others do the same

Montrealien3577d ago

stop it guys, to much common sense will implode the open zone tarts heads.

lokiroo4203577d ago

Crab go eat a d1ck you fvcking tool!

PoSTedUP3577d ago

wow i didnt know it would piss you off that much, wait, yes i did XD.

i win : )

*goes to setup his logitech steering wheel for GT5p*

btw i was only playing man, you didnt have to waste all them letters bro lol i didnt even read them.

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Ziriux3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Solid Snake, I just don't know why Halo 3 get's high scores in the first place. I can say for sure Call of Duty 4 was better than Halo 3 buy a dozen just as it is better than this game.

I love Killzone 2 for it's story that I think is a lot better than CoD's and other FPS games.

There is no bribes here, people are just fanboys from the first Halo, which was clearly the best.

@ I like FF7

Get passed the fanboyism, and look at reality, not everyone will love Killzone 2 sadly.

Liquid Snake3577d ago

you mean Liquid Snake? Then again we are clones from the Big Boss.

George Sears3577d ago

Yes but I am perfect and you are not brother from another mother.

TheColbertinator3577d ago

lol @ Liquid and Solidus

I love n4g

NipGrip3577d ago

What do you call a duffle bag full of schwag? Did everyone get one? Oh.. no, just the reviewers.

Even included a Halo 3 XBOX 360!? No.. No bribing at *all*!

Durffen3577d ago

Halo 3 360 was ugly, artwork was kinda boring, and the helmet didn't fit a house pets head like everyone thought. So I doubt Halo 3's reviewer duffel bag helped at all.

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resistance1003577d ago

Wait this guy is actually complaining that it DOESN'T have an install :S

DeforMAKulizer3577d ago

The same exact thing i was thinking....
Mandatory installs = ITS SUCKS HAS INSTALLS!!!

SupaPlaya3577d ago

It order not to have a point deducted from your score, you need to make an install option - as in you have to have install even if you have no load times without it.

What an excellent standard we have here.

likedamaster3577d ago


He clearly stated he would rather have installs than have loading screens and slow-downs(framerate dips).

Blind fanboys = Fail

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