Boomtown (Denmark) Killzone 2 Review

I was struck by a very unique feeling when I first put the Gran Turismo 3 in my Playstation 2 It is many years ago, but I still remember it as something very significant, I could not compare with others. That was the feeling of total graphics hype.

Clichés often talk about a 'Wauv!' Power, but in this case it was more than that. Jaw was on the floor. Other games faded. Runway after runway was running only to see the graphics. Jovist I had tried the beautiful game before. Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, Metal Gear Solid. This kind. But Gran Turismo 3 was simply ahead of its time.

'Now I've got that feeling once again,' as Pink Floyd would say. It comes when you stand before Visaris palace on Helghan. A bridge is stacked with smashed trucks and sandbags, where Helghans elite troops form the last bastion against the ISA's invading forces. Their red eyes illuminated a dark and sad world. In the distance you see the flames from the wreckage left by ISA bombardment brought to Helghan. Rockets flying over our heads at you while you are together with the rest of Alpha Squad struggling up forward meter for meter. I is so close to the target and yet so far. - Read further after the jump!

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Serjikal_Strike3579d ago

Impresses around the world....WOOT WOOT

GameGambits3579d ago

I'm glad that the review embargo got lifted today. It was a nice surprise to see it happen.

A nicer surprise is all these 9+ reviews. Here it finally is folks. THE reason you need a PS3 and don't think twice otherwise.


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Yomiro3579d ago

It is useless to resist killzone 2

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lolzzz. cant wait to try this "sheila" out.....


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25 feb for us europeans :)

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