American PSN Store Update - 29/1/09

GamersDigest have just posted a list of the new items on the American PlayStation Network store.

They also have listed the updates from the Japanese, Hong Kong and European stores on the site.

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ALIEN3577d ago

I'm not guy or anything like that, but i like that song "Killing Me Softly With His Song" that's a classic!

vitz33577d ago

I thought they said the GoW costumes and such would never appear on the store? Next up Nariko?

Gray23577d ago

Do we not get the RE 5 demo?

Serjikal_Strike3577d ago

if im not mistaken....since thursdays is when the store gets updated

sealion883577d ago

they said it was feb 2nd. Im not sure myself since i thought it was feb 5th too.

Timesplitter143576d ago

it's possible. They sometimes released stuff on other days in the past

Cronnie3576d ago

It is Feb 2nd, Capcom sent a press release on it;

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harv0523577d ago

Skate 2 Filmer's Pack...Something that shouldv'e been included in the game from the getgo...

It's seems EA is getting pretty big on this DLC thing...

harv0523576d ago

You see, I don't have a problem with DLC. Expanding a game is always good. It's good if you add levels, maps, in other words: gameplay.

Adding camera angles for your replays and a couple of shirts for 7.99$, I call that extortion...

Gray23576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Thanks for the info guys! I'm happy as long as we get it! I wanna try it before I decide to get it or not (I'm on the edge cuz it seems to samey to RE4). But regardless of how good the demo is, I shall be getting KILLZONE 2 first. And if anyone wants to make a serious clan for it, feel free to add me

PSN: Gray2

bigjclassic3576d ago

demons and angles looks sicknasty

Gray23576d ago

I havent seen the trailer for it, is it going on the store?

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The story is too old to be commented.