Microsoft to take Wii approach with 360?

Xbox Microsoft boss Peter Moore has hinted at a change in strategy for Xbox 360 going into 2007, to compete with the mainstream appeal of Nintendo's fun-focused Wii.

"From a first-party point of view, it's not just about E-rated games, it's going to be about the experience that, quite frankly, Nintendo has done a tremendous job in capturing, in bringing back fun - if you will - to the gaming platforms", said Moore in an interview with Game Informer.

"But we've got a few tricks up our sleeve as well to be able to do that. It's not something that we're going to be shy about, and it's not something that we're not painfully aware of that needs to be changed by this holiday. That has been the strategy all along, and we'll be making some more announcements in the coming month or two."

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grifter0244313d ago

Wonder what the Big announcement will be.. Hopefully it wont be a ripoff of the Wii nunchuck or something like that. But to be honest I cant really see any other way to battle the Wii's popularity growth.

Black Republican4313d ago

I agree I dont see the Microsoft making anything really anything new...
i can see 360 biting from wii, just like the ps3...
who knows

Syko4313d ago

The fact that Non-Fans see it as an all out 1st person free for all. Which if you have it you know it is not but they do need to change this perception for sure to penetrate further into the market. But in all reality they hold the trump card with the price advantage due to the extra time in the market. I am really excited to see how they execute this as this will be the biggest move MS gaming division has ever made, Hands down. and if they screw it up with a 20 dollar price cut or something. I think it will give Sony a chance to crawl back in.

FordGTGuy4313d ago

and Master Chief is HOT!

Funky Town_TX4313d ago

The reason I like the 360 is because it is not the Wii. I don't want a motion controller. I want "M" rated games with blood cusing and killing.

power of Green 4313d ago

It's going to be Adult Wii fun like online American Idol competitions. lol J/K.

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The story is too old to be commented.