GameDaily: Fight Night Round 4 Preview

Step into the ring and deliver the knockout blow in Electronic Arts' newest boxing video game, Fight Night Round 4, due this summer for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Much like its predecessor, this brutal fighting game features lifelike boxers that sweat and take damage over time, but additional features should make it a superior addition to the franchise, providing EA can pull everything together.

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Rip-Ridah3606d ago

This is one multiplayer game that I am looking very much forward to. The PS3 has so many games coming this year that it is crazy. Starting in February with the almighty Killzone 2 with a follow up of another great multiplatformer in Resident Evil 5. Get ready for some sweet science cuzz I can also "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!!" ;-)

DwightOwen3605d ago

With Tyson, this game is gonna rule!