Will PS3 Outsell Xbox360 by 2011?

An Article from GamesOnSmash reads " The Sony brand is a strong brand, but not strong enough to keep the PS2 and PS3 on the market and outsell competition of the Xbox360. "

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Huh3578d ago

will the xbox 360 still be in production in 2011 this is the better question

cmrbe3578d ago

by 2011. People will still buy it for multi-plats and the odd x360 exclusives now and then but the overall value of the x360 would be quite low by then

gumgum993578d ago



regardless if its not true, that was kinda funny

Fox013578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Welcome to another FUD of the The PS3 wont outsell the X360 till Microsoft release their next console, till then get use to being third. BTW instead of posting BS on a constant basis, you guys should go out and start buying games for you console or you wont see a PS4. "One love and God bless. PEACE!" lol

MAR-TYR-DOM3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

why the F$&K do people care? Its not your money.

thats_just_prime3578d ago

A better question is will the ps3 still be in production in 2011. We already know they plan on releasing the ps4 in 2011 if they are even around that long. Sony took 99% lose this year so if they dont do something quick to turn it around they be filing for chapter 11

creeping judas3578d ago

Quite amazing, 8 bubbles in a day??
How did you do it??

Bnet3433578d ago

That's a biased website. I seen the kids YouTube videos. It's some black kid who thinks what he says is true.

CrazzyMan3578d ago

Will that change anything? NO.

Nobody will ignore 40-50 mln. userbase by 2011, unless there are some reasons. Create game with KZ2 level graphics or make a BIG world on 1 Blu-ray disc. =)

Anon19743578d ago

Did anyone else read Fox01 and thats_just_prime? I really don't think I've seen ignorance on that level's been quite some time.

You two do realize that the PS3 has sold faster than the 360, don't you? 17 million by the two year mark vs 13 million for the 360? Do you guys just don't know the PS3 has been catching on faster, or have you some how convinced yourselves that it's not happening?

That_just_prime. PS3 sales were up 40% last year on increased revenue. Software sales were up 57% this Christmas and they ended up tying the 360 for total sales for the year. Seriously, you must just not know the facts because if you know all this and still spouted that nonsense....well...there's no way else to put it, you'd just be full retard.

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some people? You wonder why they bother posting at all. In their regular lives do they walk around with dunce caps on all day? Kick me signs? If not, then why would they do that online?

Rhoic3578d ago

I guess if it sells 2 million MORE each year then yeah. But this is only 3 years away and both consoles sell well.

shovelbum3578d ago

It might since the 720 will be out in November 2010 just in time for Gears 3, GTAV, Halo 4 and COD: Trenches of WWI. :)

Cryos3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

-wrong section-

pain777pas3578d ago

to the first poster, that was a very good question. M$ is so by the numbers they are ending support on XP in 2012. Look they are not about gaming as much as just suceeding at what they do BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. PS3 will outsell Xbox maybe this year or next definitively. R3 next year and another game from that dev this year maybe another Ratchet or something else. They have proven first party devs that are now industry leaders in some regards at what they do. Santa Monica may have another game for this gen and may be able to use the GOW3 engine so Sony is poised with the necessary price cut to take over. M$ gave us a glimpse at what the next generation is all about. Sony will deliver the next generation of games that we will remember for years. Rockband, gears and Mass Effect are the standouts for M$ right now they have to get serious because Sony I think is hiding something more than Killzone 2.

No Way3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Sony won't be filing chapter 11. They to large of a corporation. Just because they are losing profits in the Gaming Division, with the PS3, doesn't mean they will be going bankrupt. Not by a long shot.

@darkride66 - To be honest with you, I think, Sony is doing horrible with the PS3, even if they are moving at a faster pace than the x360. To be honest, I expected the PS3 to be in the Wii's shoes by now, not behind the pack. But, I hafta give props where it's due. They have done an excellent job with a console that sells at that price point.

Jazz41083578d ago

This is a extremely biased site, forgive me if this is alreay mentioned but they say you can't count gears of war since micorsodt does not own Epic, yet there list of Sony Exclusives includes Metal Gear Solid 4 and last time I checked, Sony did not own Konami.

FrankenLife3577d ago

After crunching all the numbers, looking into my crystal ball, deciphering many tea leaves, and a ouija board or two the answer is a conclusive and decisive MAYHAP.

xwabbit3577d ago

Y the hell would u think that PS3 should be in W!!'s shoes right now? it started at 700 bucks the we did 2 ? I really cant see how u think PS3 is doing horrible.

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Spike473578d ago

so far, the future seems...brighter for Sony and the PS3.

Huh3578d ago

because microsoft are shutting down developers and they are canceling games left and right this can only mean one thing it means microsoft themselves are going to jump out

Rhoic3578d ago


Canceled Studios:

Ensemble Studios (most were hired into MGS for future Halo projects and Halo Wars DLC)
Gamerblog (Not really a dev. studio)

Canceled Games:



Canceled Studios:

Factor 5 (or whatever it was)
Free Radical

Canceled Games:

Coded Arms
The Getaway
Time Splitters 4
Eight Days

Cryos3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Do some research before you post nonsense.

Factor 5 was NOT a Sony studio and neither is Free Radical.

How about cancelled 360 games?
WarDevil (exclusive to PS3 now)
Marvel Universe Online
Alhambra (XBLA title)

Your argument is faulty as titles get shifted and cancelled all the time.

Timesplitters was not exclusive to the PS3, with the series also being released on the Xbox and Gamecube.

Rhoic3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

I really wanted to ignore your comment based on how horribly stupid it was, but I just cant anymore. Both of those companies had exclusive 2nd party developing contracts with Sony. Do you even know WHY they were canceled? Because of the 2 PS3 EXCLUSIVES released on the console that did horrible in sales AND in scores. Haze & Lair.

Oh, and seriously?

WarDevil (Never heard of it)
Marvel Universe Online (Hell no to that kind of MMO. The others didn't do too well anyways)
Alhambra (XBLA title) (Never heard of it)

You named 2 canceled projects (one being a XBLA game) and then another just being a lost exclusive. Which further proves my point that MS has hardly had any issues with games. And you SERIOUSLY don't want to get into lost exclusives when it comes to Sony.

1) Final Fantasy XIII
2) Tekken VI
3) Monster Hunter 3
4) Star Ocean IV
5) Street Fighter IV
6) Assassin's Creed
7) Grand Theft Auto IV
8) Devil May Cry 4
9) Virtua Fighter 5
10) Beautiful Katamari
11) Fatal Inertia
12) L.A. Noire

Oh, and please, before you try and spin this and call me some kind of fanboy, I'm playing my freaking PS3 right now.. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm is what is running.

Also, if you're going to name off any lost exclusives from the 360, be sure they're good games that people actually would look at, not some random list like how Bathyj gives off a lot.

Oh, and TimeSplitters IV WAS an exclusive to the PS3. Not the series, but the latest iteration of it was.

Cryos3577d ago

wow, you missed the point... and unfortunately you can't respond again.
how sad

never did i call you a fanboy or claim your bias (you're apparently paranoid)

what I was actually saying is that you need to realize that game development comes and goes all the time. it's not unusual for games to be cancelled.

If you're argument was that the PS3 caused these companies to fail because of their agreement with Sony, then you obviously have no idea how business works. These companies were in trouble before their deal with Sony, and actually Free Radical is currently making a wii game.

As for your game list. Again it comes down to business. I'm tired of people throwing these names around like it's a big deal. It's not, and it's tired.

EVERY title you have listed is from a 3rd party developer, and that's what they do, make multiplats. Forget what they did last Generation, they were working with an install base around 100 mil. Do you think that they will actually take a chance on either console this early? Not without money being thrown their way.

Shall I go through your list?

1) FF XIII (why are people still on this one? the first 6 games were released on Nintendo systems. FFXI was released to PC, as well as 360)
2) Tekken VI (ehhh, maybe i'll give you this, even though it's an arcade game and was once released on the GBA)
3) Monster Hunter 3 (Published by Capcom, previous titles were PS only. so I'll ok this one, kinda)
4) Star Ocean IV (Original came out on SNES, so hardly exclusive)
5) Street Fighter IV (are you serious with this one? past gens, Mega Drive, SNES, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox. Absolutely NO history of being exclusive.)
6) Assasin's Creed (made by Ubisoft, as far as I know, it was never planned as an exclusive. if you can provide a link otherwise, please do.)
7) GTAIV (original was also released onto the PC and GBcolor. GTA2 was also released on the Dreamcast. Hell even GTA3 came out on Xbox)
8) DMC4 (Capcom title. originals PS only)
9) Virtua Fighter 5 (originally came out for the Saturn, and 32x)
10) Beautiful Katamari (i'll give you this one)
11) Fatal Inertia (ok, this one too, but I believe it went multi because of problems with the unreal engine.)
12) L.A. Noire (funded intitially by SCEA, it has since dropped off the radar, so let's just ignore this one, 'mkay?)

Of your list, less than half have merit, sorry.

Arnon3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Did I ever say that any of the games mentioned were exclusive in previous iterations? Nope. All titles mentioned above were exclusive to the PS3. I didn't say Star Ocean 1. I said Star Ocean 4.`

"12) L.A. Noire (funded intitially by SCEA, it has since dropped off the radar, so let's just ignore this one, 'mkay?)"

lets ignore it? lulz. Seriously?.. This game has just as much credibility as all the others. And again, every title mentioned was a PS3 exclusive at one time.

1) FF XIII - Is not out yet
2) Tekken VI - Is not out yet
3) Monster Hunter 3 - Is not out yet
4) Star Ocean IV - Is not out yet
5) Street Fighter IV - Is not out yet
6) Assasin's Creed - Type in lost exclusives of the PS3 on Google.
7) GTAIV - Originally stated as a PS3 exclusive, was released on both.
8) DMC4 - Same as GTA IV
9) Virtua Fighter 5 - Virtua Fighter 5 was never released on those
10) Beautiful Katamari
11) Fatal Inertia
12) L.A. Noire - Just as credible as all of the others

Oh, and how can Free Radical be developing a game for the Wii if they are CANCELED? You know.. Kaput. Done. Out of Business. No Longer Existing.

It seems the entire list merits. Sorry.

You have got to try harder than that. Oh, and the only reason I stated something along the lines of you calling me a fanboy is because most of the silly PS3 fans on here DO call anyone a fanboy due to the fact that anything negative towards the PS3 is a lie.. as you are clearly trying to prove to me.

Cryos3577d ago

what you miss is that the titles were not exclusive before, and, though REPORTED exclusive initially, they were never ACTUALLY exclusive.

It's like me going out to dinner saying, i think i'm going to have steak, then I order surf & turf. It's not final till the contracts are written out and signed, no matter what the press release reads.
What you are explaining as "exclusives" they lost, is just fanboy hype and speculation.

If we can include L.A. Noire in the non-exclusive club, I say we put Alan Wake in the cancelled pile for the 360.

As for Free Radical,

they are in "administration" which is like a type of bankruptcy

As for Ass. Creed
"Reports on the Internet have been nothing less than rampant on the state of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed. Initially mentioned for the Xbox 360 as Project Assassin and then mentioned only for the PlayStation 3 (without the word "exclusive") at E3 2006, the answer of the game's ultimate platform destinations have been as stealthy as its sneaky protagonist."

from the very beginning, it's status was in the air. hardly a "lost" exclusive

I can give you more links if needed

Arnon3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

"Ubisoft's medieval stealth game will not be limited to Sony's upcoming system; will eventually reach PC, says publisher."

You proved my point from the headline of the article of the Assassin's Creed post. Notice anything 360 related? Nope.

Free Radical:

The update on the link only solidifies my statement. Time Splitters IV (once a PS3 exclusive) has been confirmed as canceled. Same with Star Wars: Battlefront III. Even if Free Radical were not in cancellation, how could they be developing a game for the Wii if they were in Administration with no money whatsoever and are declaring bankruptcy?

"If we can include L.A. Noire in the non-exclusive club, I say we put Alan Wake in the canceled pile for the 360."

Alan Wake is showing many trailers. The newest one was posted in Oct. of 2008. It is now slated for a Q3-Q4 release in 2009.

(Again) Every game that was mentioned was exclusive to the PS3 and actually had plans of being released exclusively on the console. Every-one of them. Star Ocean FOUR. (not 1, 2, or 3), Final Fantasy THIRTEEN (Not 1-12), etc. For you to say that the latest iteration of a game is not exclusive because the previous installments were not is like me saying:

"Hey. This channel is showing reruns of my favorite TV show. But, this channel is showing an exclusive 2 hour movie of my favorite TV show. Oh but wait, it's not really exclusive because the TV show (not the movie) was shown on many different channels. So technically even though this TV show movie will only premiere on this channel and no other EVER AGAIN, it's not really exclusive."

Which is wrong.

And I'm sorry, but your analogy contradicts you from the very first title provided in the list of lost exclusives, Final Fantasy XIII. The game was only in development on the PS3 since before it's launch. The contract between Square Enix and Sony were already set. Microsoft most likely paid them for help in development (much like MSFT loaned Rockstar $50 million for development and exclusive DLC) so it could be released on both consoles.

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PStriple7033578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

it's all depends on the price of the ps3 at that time cause we call know the games will be there.


They will undoubtedly surpass the 360..there not to far behind its a playstation it can boom at the sight of a price drop..personally the 300 ps3 will do it i know a lot of people will buy them even 360 fans for 300 bucks