UK Retailer Asks Publishers for Cash to Display Games writes "Comet, a retailer of electrical goods in the UK, is asking its suppliers - including video game publishers - to pay around $30,000 for display space in its 250 stores.

For North American readers, Comet is the UK equivalent of a store like Circuit City.

Comet is part of Europe's third-biggest tech retailer, Kesa Electricals, which has suffered a slump in Christmas sales. One supplier, commenting in the Financial Times newspaper, said that the plan to charge for display space was "desperation".

The Comet chain is best known for supplying household appliances rather than being the go-to destination for video games. UK gamers still have their pick of stores such as HMV, Game or Dixons (the UK equivalent of Futureshop) as well as second-hand video games specialists such as Computer Exchange."

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resistance1003605d ago

Just a question but

does anyone here actually buy games/hardware from comet to begin with?

PirateThom3605d ago

Comet and the like are usually vastly overpriced anyway.

Vip3r3605d ago

They sell at full RRP. But good on them for actually thinking about charging even more.

Just isn't going to happen.

Cyber Gamer3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Who the hell goes to Comet to by games lol

who agrees

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