25 Games to Watch in 2009

BeefJack writes, "2008 was a great year for gamers. There seemed to be a blockbuster title tailor made for just about everyone's tastes. Unfortunately, a lot of those titles poured onto the shelves in the last quarter of the year, giving us all precious little time and finances to play through everything we wanted. While 2009 might experience the same kind of end-of-the-year traffic jam, it's also good to see so much on offer throughout the coming months. Here are just 25 of the games we're anticipating the most. And if we've left something out, feel free to whine about it in the comments..."

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Hallucinate3576d ago

bah im not intrested in any of those games cept for killzone and star ocean to bad i dont have an xbox ):

lord_of_balrogs3576d ago

Ya, I wish I could get KZ2, but there's several other titles I'm looking forward too so that dulls the pain. That being SO, ME2, ODST, RE5, HW, and SC2.