Preorder Killzone 2 at Game Crazy for an exclusive T-shirt

Pre-order Killzone 2 and receive a free T-Shirt. Offer good while supplies last.

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meepmoopmeep3580d ago

should have been a black t-shirt

3580d ago
labaronx3580d ago

I hope they have shirts that fit this time. The rockband shirt i got was a size l and i need a 3xl

Sasanova3580d ago

not a bad digging a kz2 shirt

dukadork23580d ago

i'd buy a t-shirt with a helghast pooping on masterchief while doing a "V" sign

rhood0223580d ago

Is this the infamous "Hell Coast" t-shirt?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213580d ago

i did add game relations like 3 times and for some reason its not showing

this isnt my first time submitting an article... this never happened to me before

Siesser3580d ago

I actually just put in my reservation there yesterday, as going into Gamestop always devolves into a defensive "why do I own a ps3" argument. Hopefully I'll GET my extra this time - I pre-ordered LBP from there and never got my satchel -_-. Apparantly, since I only have a cell phone listed with them, and they can't dial long distance from the store (seriously?), they had no way to let me know when they'd finally arrived >_>.

Anyways, I too will need something larger than an XL. I can pull a double if necessary, but here's hoping for a trip'.

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