Top 10 Boss Fights

Everyone loves boss fights. (If you don't, then why are you reading this list?) Boss fights serve as a way of highlighting a game's mechanics, adding dramatic tension, and improving a game's pacing. Different boss battles succeed for different reasons, so TGR has compiled a list of the ten greatest boss battles they've ever had the pleasure of taking part in.

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Viewtiful3580d ago

I have some serious issues with some of the bosses on this list, and some that were omitted.

cain1413580d ago

Like which?

It's boss fights, not bosses...

JoySticksFTW3580d ago

the whole ending sequence of Link versus Ganon in Ocarina of Time is one of my favorites

burbulla3580d ago

I think the battle with Laughing Octopus was a great one, Esp. if you do it without alerting, a real epic one.

thats_just_prime3580d ago

obviously not the top 10 hardest bosses

phosphor1123580d ago

Number 1..I couldn't agree more..I loved that fight, graphics are amazing as well. Just so epic, even with the cheesy music that starts half way (and yes, time can run out).

darkgandhi3580d ago

Psycho Mantis!!! Best boss fight ever.
First time you fight him you are bewildered as how to kill him. He can read your mind and counter your attacks, tell you what Konami game you have played before and tried to make Meryl commit suicide. Then Campbell tells you how to keep him from reading your mind.
I wish I could forget how to beat him and do that fight again.

burbulla3580d ago

Yeah the entire MGS series has epic battles

Hellgiver3580d ago

The only omission I have a problem with is no final boss Vergil from DMC3. That fight was truly awesome, and it had plenty of drama to it. Two half-demons fighting, constantly changing between demon and human form, while doing long awesome combos with guns and swords... epic.

Giriath3580d ago

Psycho Mantis of MGS 1 indeed. They should've waited until Killzone 2 was released though, people say the end fight with Radec is one of the best they've played.

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iTZKooPA3580d ago

Never gonna please everyone, specially with so many bosses out there!

Ah, Conker's Bad Fur day, how many children failed to play you due to being released at the ass end of the N64 and then having little fanfare for the 360 re-release...

cain1413580d ago

I love running around with that Katana

SlamVanderhuge3580d ago

Fair enough...I kinda think that Shadow of the Collossus should be in all 10 slots...

darkgandhi3580d ago

That game's only boss battles right?

Fatbasket3580d ago (Edited 3580d ago )

I was afraid I was going to find nothing but really obscure battles that I'd never done or hadn't beat..but at least three including the top two...all without resorting to the FAQs. I'm going to make myself a little invisible trophy and gaze at it while I pat myself on my back. :-)

cain1413580d ago

Every gamer needs to try these out at some point. Great fights!

NeverforgetNES3580d ago

Wow. Those are definitely some epic boss battles. I can think of a few more. Maybe another article about more retro boss battles. That would be awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.