Sony: Rumble is a 'Last Generation Feature'

The reason Sony didn't incorporate rumble into SIXAXIS wasn't related to a lawsuit over patent rights, but because it was a "last generation feature," according to Sony's president of worldwide studios Phil Harrison. Speaking to GameDaily BIZ, the outspoken exec. dashed hopes of the feature making a comeback later in PlayStation 3's life:

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Syko4313d ago

Yeah rumble is so 2000. I'm glad I don't, Wait nevermind I still have it. Damn you Xbox 1.5 why do you always have old technology. I need a PS3 now that it dosen't have rumble.

Now putting it that way does this really make any sense to say it is better because it has less features. Dude I live in PHX,AZ (Where it reaches 120+) and this is like saying a car without A\C is better than a car without it. Just plain stupid

4313d ago
uxo224313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

I'll tell you what else for sony is "So last Gen", mega console sales. When will those fools stop forcing their own agenda on everyone and just give the customer what they want. Some times I wonder if Sony is being run out of the back office of a mental health clinic.

They are so frustrating.

power of Green 4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

Rumbles not something that's considered a generational fad, it's a standard like HDD or anolog joy sticks on controllers. Rumbles worked into next-gen games and is as important in some cases as sound. The player feels the enviroment through rumble to say it's last gen is moronic. Do you understand FEEL!!! whats going on in the game world, last gen ????.

Could you picture playing Forza 2 and not being able to feel if your cars losing grip not to mention folks get so good online every mile per hour will make or break you and the best way to keep the speed up as much as possible is to feel the skid. Matter in fact that feature will probable be so worked into forza; you could probably gage the how damaged you car is in and act accordingly.

BlackIceJoe4313d ago

I just love how say this feature is old and out of date.

I have a PS3 and I must say Rumble is a great feature like it or not.
I just wish on racing games it would be there.

Plus you can say all you want about it not being in the PS3 controller and not having to do with the Patent issues. I have a good feeling it is may be not the biggest reason it is not in there but it still is a reason rumble is not in the controller.

So Sony how about doing some thing smart and bring rumble back I know I would like it back in and other people would like it too.

bombzombie4313d ago

Keep advancing your agenda to sell your content and make money.

Gaming is for gamers, and afterall, they aren't where you make your REAL money now is it???

A Loyal PS3 Fan!

dragunrising4313d ago

This is the kind of thing that really gets to me. Rumble has been a prized controller function since it was introduced. The immersion it provides is sorely missed in all consoles which its excluded. I really didn't think it was a big deal until I played a N64 Virtual Console game sans rumble. I do not own a PS3 yet but I hope its a feature that is supported in the future. Also, kudos to Sony for very arrogant PR talk (jk). If they listened to gamers than perhaps we would have rumble. They just don't learn...