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FPS of the year, console game of the year, game of the year ... You name it. This game delivers on all the hype that we all have built little by little since the first video at E3 in 2005. If you are not fond of FPS on the console, try this anyway. Here we have a power pack of a game, while we have a very good complex history, not to mention multi-player with almost endless gameplay.

An intensive campaign mode, filled with amazing surroundings that bear the stamp of a long war.
The graphics are in a class by itself.
The controls are rock solid.
The dynamic movement and the gameplay in general, has set a new standard.
A tailored multiplayer.

One game that will take most by storm, even non-FPS enthusiasts.

Hmm ... Hard to say? Maybe some few weapons in multi-player?

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killzone2flop3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Norwegian Playstation Forum couldn't have expected less. I've heard Pay Cheques sent out have gone considerably higher since last year.

chaosatom3579d ago

PP created another account just to Bash Killzone 2.

Just look at his name.

Erich Rhoemer3579d ago

that has a banjo avatar gtfo of n4g. you name and your avatar are basically the epitome of hypocrisy

redsquad3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

You appear to subscribe to the theory that "if a lie is repeated often enough, everyone will believe it".

Well hard luck chum: People with imaginations and the ability to think for themselves won't buy the hogwash you're peddling.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3579d ago

Do xBot Zombie Lemmings Dream of Electric Sheep?

Magic_The_Celt3579d ago

bu b...b... bu.... sony has no money, they lost it all with the POS3, and lost billions they will never get back!, right pp?

so where oh where is the money for the cheques

fredrikpedersen3579d ago

We don't get payed for out work, it's purely a hobby.

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eagle213579d ago

Killzone is a 10. :)

let the party begin, it's a 10.

my name ain't Ben, but Killzone's a 10! lol

heyheyhey3579d ago

anyone who claims it's a forum post has not read the article and is a major dumbass...


Bordel_19003579d ago gave

Resistance 2 9/10
Far Cry 2 6/10
Prince of Percia 7/10
Valkyria Chronicles 8/10
Dead Space 9/10
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 6/10

Just so you get an idea of their ratings.

San Frandisco3579d ago

i totally agree with these ratings and i digg this site most def. :)

Alexious3579d ago

Those scores seem accurate.

Far Cry 2, Prince of Persia, Valkyria Chronicles, Dead Space and Resistance 2....Those are the scores I would give them. Well, maybe FC2 a 7.

The review seems pretty good.

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