Playable Tekken 6 Coming Soon?

A major arcade website has obtained the April issue of the monthly Arcadia magazine and posted all the key details. Included is one little bit that's sure to get Tekken fans excited. Tekken 6 development staff revealed to the magazine in an interview that they hope to put their latest creation on location test before the weather gets hot.

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BlackIceJoe3978d ago

I think it would be neat to have a demo of Tekken 6 on the PS store even if you could only be two people that would be great and get me more excited for the retail version.

So I hope this is true and does not just stay in Japan.

DiLeCtioN3978d ago

this question is for the people who have a ps3
how are items purchased from the playstation store? isit similar to xbox live or wii shop channel? (entering codes from cards you bought from a SHOP)

SIX3978d ago

Currently, the only way to purchase items is through a credit card. There is a Playstation card that you can buy, but I haven't seen those in stores as of yet. I believe they plan on implementing those to coincide with the European launch.