Blizzcast Episode 7

Blizzard Entertainment released their latest in-house podcast dubbed Blizzcast 7. In this episode, World of Warcraft Community Manager Nethaera interviewed J. Allen Brack and Jeff Kaplan to discuss details of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

Both go in detail about the phase technology, the difficulty of choosing a hero class, and the reason Northrend was chosen among other possible expansion options.

Crygil interviewed Chris Metzen about the lore behind Wrath of the Lich King.

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Medievaldragon3581d ago

Really cool to hear the developers talk about the behind the scenes details of the development process. I am a bit shocked. Did they just hint Sargeras is alive too?

Maticus3581d ago

Yes of course, he will be the big bad last boss I think :D

Medievaldragon3581d ago

I'm highly interested in that lore bit about a conspirator causing the five dragonflights to be distracted about their duties and that even includes Deathwing. So that discards Deathwing as the cause of the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream. It is possibly the Old gods, specially with how Loken ended up siding with them.

Also that lore bit about the new possible Guardian of Tirisfal not been Human? Whoa? Garona's son anyone?